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The American Institute of Philanthropy (AIP) is now known as CharityWatch

Mentioned on NBR!

The American Institute of Philanthropy (AIP) is now known as CharityWatch–a name that better reflects our role as the independent, assertive charity watchdog that you rely on.


CharityWatch is a nationally prominent charity rating and evaluation service dedicated to helping donors make informed giving decisions.

How does your favorite charity rate? Find out in the Charity Rating Guide and Watchdog Report.

Receiving too many solicitations? Read the Seven Tips for Reducing Unwanted Mail and Phone Appeals.



Giving Alerts!
 Millions of people are in need of humanitarian assistance due to ongoing conflicts in Syria and the South Sudan.
 How you can help Syrians.
 How you can help the people of South Sudan.

Giving Alert!
 Emergency relief is needed to contain the Ebola virus epidemic in West Africa & treat people infected. How you can help.

 In the Winter 2014-15
 Charity Rating Guide & Watchdog Report

 A Donor's Guide to Serving the Needs of Veterans
F rated Veterans Charity Busted $24.6 Million Settlement with Attorney General
Subject of Scathing Report from VA Inspector General
Picked to Lead Veterans Charity

Charity Bookkeeper Faces Felony Larceny Charge

 Fundraiser is Ring Leader
 of Triple Charity Scheme

Guidestar Exchange Program
 Sometimes Gold, Silver and Bronze Mean Less Than You Think

Donor-Advised Funds:
 Tax Benefits Now, Charity Selection Later

Wondering About WonderWork? 

CharityWatch Hall of Shame

 Help support the CharityWatch mission by becoming a member.

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