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MUSoSu - Marios Sudoku, is a sudoku solver/ generator written in Java

What is MUSoSu?

MUSoSu is a free software project for playing, solving and generating Sudoku games. It is developed in Java and it's source is distributed under the terms of the General Public Licence.

As a sudoku solver it tries to simulate the way human players solve sudokus. Several selectable heuristic methods are provided for this purpose. Brute force solving is also supported for completeness.

As a sudoku generator it tries to create sudoku problems which don't require "trial and error" methods to be solved.

MUSoSu tries to be explainatory and educative, showing the actions taken to solve a sudoku and providing aids to the human player.

MUSoSu is themable through XML coded themes, which can be created with the theming tool provided in the program.

MUSoSu is developed with extendability in mind. New solving or generating methods can be relatively easily added.

MUSoSu also features a difficulty estimator based on it's native solver and also the ability to import, edit and save sudokus.

MUSoSu runs on any platform and operating system where Java 5.0 or later is available. A port for mobile java devices is possible but not yet done. Future thoughts also include network/distributed game functionality in combat and collaborative modes.


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