Author Topic: Possible Worlds is an openGL-accelerated 3D game from 2002 for Linux or Windows  (Read 1706 times)

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Possible Worlds is an open source openGL-accelerated 3D game (from 2002) for Linux or Windows systems

Very Old and Some Assembly Required ...

Possible Worlds is an openGL-accelerated 3D game that was created in the course of a Computer Graphics lab exercise  at the Technical University of Vienna. It won the competition for the best game hands down and we originally intended to develop Possible Worlds even further with a network-multiplayer mode, more visual FX, etc.. Unfortunately, neither of us could be very much bothered to work on it any more in the Summer holidays, probably because we were a bit burned out by the great amount of work that was necessary to create this game in less than four months. Once university started again in October 2001, we again had a lot of things to do at university and could not get around to enhance Possible  Worlds, so we decided we'd finally open-source our work without all the enhancements we'd planned.

We regret the development stop but we think the sourcecode might still be of interest for quite a few people, although it might not be beautifully written at times ;) That said, I still intend to do small updates on Possible Worlds, I'd still love to see the caustics effect in action and I think the cockpit could use some enhanced HUD too... and MORE MISSIONS!

A lot of people have emailed us about implementing Joystick or mouse support or other minor changes. Now that Possible Worlds is open source, just grab the SDL-docs and this should be a matter of a few minutes. I don't like PC joysticks much (they're crap for racing games) and I haven't got one, that's why joy support wasn't in the game all along.

Finally, we want to thank you for playing our creation and hope you have as much fun playing the game or browsing the source as we had writing it. We received quite a lot of feedback and rave reviews at various gaming sites that made the whole thing worth it!


    Runs under Win 9x / NT / 2k and Linux
    Full 3D Environment
    360° 3-Axis full movement
    Physically accurate lighting model
    Spectacular explosion / dust FX
    more than 30 3D objects
    25 digital Sound FX
    mp3 and mod.module soundtrack
    intelligent enemy AI
    4 challenging missions with continous storyline
    7 different Camera perspectives
    4 weapon systems
    feature-packed Cockpit
    Headlight beams and Halo / Lens Flare FX
    Mission Briefings
    Intro, Outro and Credits Sequences
    Load / Save your progress in 5 save slots
    Design your own missions (documentation to be released on this website)
    Even runs on older hardware (Voodoo2)
    screensize and resolution configurable
    more or less hidden eastereggs ;)

Installing Instructions:
Download the Game Media and the Source archives. Download optional archives at will. Place all archives in a directory of your choice and decompress.
Follow the Instructions in the file INSTALL.TXT for further instructions.
By the way, you can NOT use the media files of the previous Possible Worlds version since we did a minor update on the weapon systems.


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