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Pixar RenderMan is now free for all non-commercial purposes
« on: March 26, 2015, 05:31:27 PM »
Pixar RenderMan is now free for all non-commercial purposes! Command line rendering tool for merely rendering pre-constructed 3D Models - cross platform.

Software Santa thanks Richard for sending this one in: Thank you Richard!

Here's some more details on the offer from TechSupport Alert: freeware

Now Available!

RenderMan is now free for all non-commercial purposes, including evaluations, education, research, and personal projects. The non-commercial version of RenderMan is fully functional without watermark or limitation. For further details please refer to Pixar's Non-Commercial RenderMan FAQ.

If you're ready to get started with Free Non-Commercial RenderMan ...
then you may proceed to Download & Installation.


RenderMan® version 19 is supported on the following:

64-bit Mac OS X® Intel

Compatible with 10.9, 10.8 & 10.7

64-bit Linux®

Compatible with gcc 4.4.5 and glibc 2.12 or higher

64-bit Windows®

Compatible with Windows 8 and Windows 7

 General Questions about Non-Commercial RenderMan

1. What is Non-Commercial RenderMan?

Pixar's RenderMan is the premier professional rendering software used by talented creators and studios large and small, to generate the photorealistic visuals used in most visual effects and animated movies including all of Pixar's films. Additional insight into what RenderMan does can be found here. Non-Commercial RenderMan is exactly the same RenderMan software used across the production industry, the only restriction is Non-Commercial use.

2. Why should I use RenderMan?

Unlike other solutions, RenderMan is the product of a working production studio that remains the paramount innovator in modern CG animation and visual effects rendering. Today there are more licenses of RenderMan, generating more photorealistic pixels for movies than any other rendering solution by far. In choosing to use RenderMan, you are benefitting from the same expertise and production proven technology used by Pixar and most major visual effects studios, along with the research resources of the entire Walt Disney organization. There is no other rendering solution that can compare in depth, flexibility, and capability.

3. Can RenderMan be used on its own to create animation?

No. RenderMan itself is not animation software and requires scene data from compatible CG modeling and animation authoring software or other external sources to generate photorealistic images. RenderMan is most commonly used with such well known software solutions as Autodesk's Maya, Maxon's Cinema4D, Side Effects Houdini, and The Foundry's KATANA.

4. What skills do I need to use Non-Commercial RenderMan?

As professional rendering software at the leading edge of technical development, familiarity with general computer graphics modeling, animation, lighting, and rendering concepts is important to properly utilize RenderMan's capabilities. If you are not familiar with the process of rendering images, we recommend becoming familiar with one of the supported CG authoring solutions listed above first.

5. Is Non-Commercial RenderMan restricted in any way?

No. Non-Commercial RenderMan is functionally identical to the commercial version used by creative artists the world over, offering free and complete access to its capabilities. There are no limitations except that Non-Commercial RenderMan is node-locked and does not have a floating network license. Upon installation and acceptance of the EULA, Non-Commercial RenderMan should only thereafter be used for non-commercial purposes.

One helpful user posted the following (in part):
(When you) click on "Download and Install" it (says you must) to be a member of the the free forum so (you register):

1) click on the link, fill out the registration

2) go to (and follow) the verification link sent to (your) email

3) (go) back to the link in that article and follow it, then click on the "Download and Install" link again

4) (make) sure (you are) still logged into the free forum before clicking the "Next" button

5) choose (your) version, hit the "Next" button and download the small installer file

6) when running that installer (you must) tell it - by clicking on the 'pop-up' about not detecting which "Maya" version (you) had previously installed, and to "show all" versions of Maya and let (you) choose (your) version - to install only the RenderMan Pro version (the top choice) with no Maya support.

... The "Full" program cost $499 and up. There is no "Official Support" with the Free version, only other users help in the free support forum ....

Software Santa Sez: this is a complex app and it requires lots of learning, 3rd party Apps, and hard work to get anything out of it.
Unless you plan on using it professionally: you are better off with something simple (relatively so), totally free, and complete out-of-the-box functionality like Blender offers ...

And you may use Blender for Commercial - Money Making - purposes with no limitations!

Still want the Original Pixar RenderMan? Are you SURE?


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