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Dollar Store Meals is a recipe site with an eye to Healthy Meals on a budget - especially with ingredients from $dollar$ $tores chains!


Leslie is an average, all American gal living in the Sonoran Desert of Greater Phoenix, AZ and constantly working to find the pitch-perfect balance with everything in life.

One of Leslie’s hobbies (and she has too many to list) is preparing healthy meals on a budget. Leslie is a penny pincher. She doesn’t have to be, but she chooses to be. It’s not about if a person can afford to spend more, but why a person would choose to spend more on that which can be found and cooked for less.  Leslie is practical, enjoys creative pursuits, and the challenge of stretching a buck as far as it can go.

If you’re into discovering new recipe ideas and spending as little as possible, while still providing healthy choices for your family, that’s where Leslie comes in.

Often price is associated with quality, and that’s a fair perception to have in most cases. But, there are exceptions. 99 Cent Only stores and Dollar Stores are springing up all over the country. While many shoppers are elated to get one of these cost-saving gems in their community, the focus is usually on items for the home, toys, personal care, pets, and crafts.  If you’re fortunate enough to have a store which is also a grocer, you’re in luck.

The 99 Cent Only store near where Leslie lives is a fantastic example of a discount grocer, offering fresh and new food items daily and truck deliveries several times a week. When the truck roll in, the store rolls it out. Leslie can often be found a few times a week there scouting for fresh veggies and fruits, picking up milk and fresh breads. But, there’s so much more which is often overlooked- including gluten free foods and the accessory ingredients to throw a masterful meal together.

With every new offering, she is thinking about what she can make. Leslie isn’t able to buy everything at the discount store. There is still need to visit the regular grocery (Krogers/ Fryes or Super Walmart) for feta cheese (her current favorite,) meats, and other items which won’t be carried at the 99 Cent Only store.

While Leslie doesn’t delve deep into organic vs GMO, or gluten-free vs gluten (she feels those are personal choices everyone must make for themselves,) what she does offer are recipes balanced with a common sense lifestyle. She doesn’t measure and weigh ingredients, and she’s not a chef. She’s always followed proportional eating, allowing herself to also splurge on the tasty guilty pleasures.

In addition to the desire, Leslie also has a need to eat well. ... Not only does she prepare meals out of joy, but out of a great necessity to take good care of herself. That’s some serious motivation!

   Life is meant to be enjoyed, that includes enjoying what you put in your mouth. People routinely eat 3-5 meals a day. They need to enjoy it!

Leslie’s site, Dollar Store Meals, shows readers how the amazing 99 Cent Only and Dollar stores offer a treasure trove of yummy, healthy meals which are just waiting to be discovered… and cooked!


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