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Next Electronics Electronic Circuits Schematics Projects has a large repository of freely available electronic circuits and projects

Next Electronics Electronic Circuits Schematics Projects has a large repository of freely available electronic circuits and projects.

Categories include:

Audio Circuits
Audio Filters Circuits, Stereo Circuits, Ultrasonic Circuits, Audio Amplifier Circuits, Audio Oscillator Circuits, Preamplifier Circuits, Audio Mixer Circuits, Audio Equalizer Circuits, Audio Tone Balance Circuits, Beeper Buzzer Circuits, Vacuum-Tube Valves Circuits, Musical & Effects Circuits, Microphone Circuits   

RF Circuits
PLL Circuits, UHF circuits, VHF Circuits, FM Radio Circuits, GPS Circuits, Jammer Circuits, RF Transmitter Circuits, RF Receiver Circuits, RF Amplifier Circuits, AM Radio Circuits, Antenna Circuits, FM Transmitter Circuits, Transceiver Circuits   

Power Supply Circuits
Tesla Circuits, Inverter Circuits, Free Energy Circuits, Battery Charger Circuits, AC-DC & DC-DC Circuits, Solar Cell Circuits, Current Limiting Circuits, Micro Power Circuits, High Voltage Circuits, Switching Power Supply Circuits   

Sensors Detectors Circuits
Metal Detector Circuits, Liquid Sensing Circuits, Light Sensing Circuits, Voltage Detector Circuits, Air-Gas Detection Circuits, Human Sensing Circuits, RF-Radiation Detector Circuits, Medical Circuits, Sensor Circuits, Magnetic circuits, Optical Sensing Circuits, Hall Effect Circuits   

Other Circuits
Demodulators Circuits, Buffer Circuits, Triac Circuits, Mosfet Circuits, Sequencer Circuits, 555 Timer Circuits, Doorbell Circuits, Switching Circuits, RC Model Toy Circuits, H Bridge Circuits, Game Circuits, Keypad Circuits   

Microcontroller Circuits Microcontroller Circuits
Arduino Projects and Circuits, PIC Microcontroller Circuits, AVR Microcontroller Circuits, Microcontroller Programmer Circuits, 68HC11 Microcontroller Circuits, 8051 / 8052 Microcontroller Circuits, MCU Circuits   

Oscillator Circuits Oscillator Circuits
Varius Circuits, Astable Oscillator Circuits, Colpitts Oscillator Circuits, Crystal Oscillator Circuits, Hartley Oscillator Circuits, RF Oscillator Circuits, Sine Wave Oscillator Circuits, Square Wave Oscillator Circuits, Volt Controlled Oscillator Circuits, Wein Bridge Oscillator Circuits, Monostable Circuits, Pierce Oscillator Circuits   

Converter Circuits Converter Circuits
Voltage to Pulse Circuits, Current to Voltage Circuits, Frequency to Voltage Circuits, RF Converter Circuits, Sine to Square Wave Circuits, Voltage to Current Circuits, Voltage to Frequency Circuits, Period to Voltage Circuits   

Meter Counter Circuits Meter Counter Circuits
Timer Circuits, Voltmeter Circuits, Frequency Meter Circuits, Meters Circuits, Counter Circuits, Clock Circuits, Checker Circuits, Delay Circuits, Thermometer Circuits, VU Meter Circuits   

Automation Circuits Automation Circuits
Stepper Motor Circuits, Remote Control Circuits, Servo Circuits, Robotic Circuits, Direction Finder Circuits, Power Control Circuits, Relay Circuits, Motor Control Circuits   

Digital Circuits Digital Circuits
Readout Circuits, Logic Circuits, Digital to Analog Circuits, Display Circuits, Analog to Digital Circuits, Data Logging Circuits, Data Bus Circuits, Decoder Circuits   

Light Laser LED Circuits Light Laser LED Circuits
Infrared Circuits, Xenon Circuits, Lighting Circuits, Light Sensing Circuits, Laser Circuits, LED Circuits, Fluorescent Circuits, LCD Circuits, Light Dimmer Circuits   

Security Circuits Security Circuits
Siren Circuits, Surveillance Bug Circuits, Alarm Circuits, Surveillance Circuits, Safety Circuits, Lock Circuits   

Telephone Circuits Telephone Circuits
Telephone Ringer Circuits, Telephone Surveilance Bug Circuits, Phone Circuits, DTMF Circuits, Intercom Circuits   

Computer Circuits Computer Circuits
USB Interface Circuits, Computer Interface Circuits, PC Circuits, Modem Circuits, Memory Circuits   

Automotive Circuits Automotive Circuits
Automotive Alarm Circuits, Car Lighting Circuits, Car Parking Aid Circuits, Car Audio Circuits, Car Bike Circuits   

Video Circuits Video Circuits
Video Mixer Circuits, Video Wall Circuits, TV Video Circuits, Video Modulator Circuits, Camera Circuits, Television Circuits, Photo Flash Circuits, Video Amplifier Circuits   

Electronic engineering Software Electronic engineering Software
PCB CAD Software, Design Tools, Circuit Analysis


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