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Owl Message Board Client allows users to easily read from and post to certain message boards.

The Owl Message Board Client is a program that allows users to easily read from and post to message boards of varying message board software. The goal of Owl is to support as many different message boards as possible. Owl version 1.0 includes native support for Tapatalk 4.3 and includes a parser for vBulletin 3.x.

The Owl Wiki is a documentation wiki aimed at helping those who want more information in order to download, install and use the Owl Message Board Client. The Owl Wiki also provides detailed documentation on those who wish to write Owl Parsers. Owl Parsers are written in Lua and allow third party developers to add support to Owl for other message board software. Owl Parsers can even target specific message boards like reddit or 4chan.

Owl currently runs on Windows (Windows 7 and later) and MacOS (10.6 and later). Mobile versions are planned for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone.

Owl allows administrators to customize settings for their board and how it is presented in Owl. Administrators can also define custom parsers and extensions to be used on their board, as well as place ads within the Owl UI. The .owlconfig.ini is a text file that stores these settings. This file can (optionally) be created by the board administrators and should be placed in the forum's root folder.


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