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emesene is an IM / chat program that allows you to connect to different networks

Software Santa's Note: Macintosh Version ONLY Supports Systems OSX 10.6 10.7 10.8 (But NOT 10.9 or 10.10 ... as of April 2015)

emesene is a chat program that allows you to connect to different networks like MSN, Gtalk, Facebook chat, Jabber and others ...

If you think you can help us packaging emesene 2 for your favorite operating system then give us a hand!
If emesene 2 is already available on your operating system contact us so we list it here.

emesene's latest stable version is: 2.12.9  [ tarball | zipball ]

Windows: (2.12.9)
Download the Installer or portable version available from GitHub

OSX: (2.12.9)
Installer available from GitHub (Supports OSX 10.6 10.7 10.8).

Ubuntu: (2.12.9)
Download for Ubuntu button
Or just add this ppa to your software sources:  


(the official repositories may have some older version. If you don't know how to add a ppa, here are some howtos: [1] and [2])

Fedora: (2.12.1)
Installer available from GitHub.

Arch: (always latest version)
Available in community repository. Look here

Gentoo: (always latest version)
Always the latest stable and development versions, ebuilds available in the official tree. Look here

Debian: (2.12.5)
Available here

OpenSUSE: (2.11.5)
Here an unofficial package (we have no information about emesene 2 being in OpenSUSE.)

Slackware: (2.11.11)
Here is the link to the package.

What protocols does emesene support?

    emesene is, as the name already suggests, primarily an MSN client. emesene comes with this protocol by default. It does, however, also support Google Talk and Facebook sessions, which will be available from the login screen if you have python-xmpp installed.

Does emesene have webcam support for the MSN protocol?

    No. This is because Microsoft uses some codec that doesn't have an open source variant. Therefore, it is impossible for us to add webcam support.

Emesene doesn't use the Messaging Menu in Ubuntu 12.04

    This is a packaging bug in Ubuntu 12.04. If you want to use the Messaging Menu, you should install


    and enable the Messaging Menu through

    Preferences->Extensions->tray icon.

Multiple windows open when someone talks to me

    This is most likely because you opened emesene multiple times. If you click the close button on the emesene main window, emesene will not close, but hide instead. If you're using Ubuntu, emesene is hiding in the Messaging Menu (grey/blue envelope in the upper right of the screen), on other distributions it should hide to a tray icon. In emesene 2.12.2+, clicking the emesene desktop icon will show the previously opened instance.

All my logs disappeared

    You most likely have multiple instances of emesene open (see above). Emesene can only open the logging database once.

I can't connect to the msn network

    Microsoft shut it down on Tuesday, March 19, 2013
msn has been shutdown
As title says, the msn messenger servers have been stopped

emesene segfaults, what should I do?

    You're most likely using Gentoo, and you'll have to recompile glibc. There's nothing we can do about this.


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