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iBrowse lets you browse iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad files on your Mac or PC - or open iTunes Backups of Same!

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Access iPhone Files
iBrowse is a simple app that lets your Mac or PC access an iOS device file system. Simply connect your device to your computer and you can read and write to the device's media and app directories!

Browse iTunes Backups
With iBrowse, you can easily view and access iTunes backups of an iPhone or iPad. You can connect your device and have iBrowse automatically create a fresh backup of it, or you can use iBrowse to view the existing backups of your iPhones and iPads created by iTunes.

Intuitive & Powerful Design
With drag and drop, file previews, image thumbnails and file searching, iBrowse makes it easy to transfer files to and from your iPhone and your computer.

Supports All Devices
iBrowse runs on any Mac or Windows computer and allows you to connect with any iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or even your Apple TV. It also works with every version of iOS released on any device.

Freeware for Mac and WindowsiBrowse (Mac) - v1.0.3.0 v1.0.3.0 (7.72 MB)
              Apr 09, 2015
Requires OS X 10.7 - 10.11
 and iTunes 10 or later

iBrowse (PC) - v1.0.5.0 (7.72 MB)
      Aug 27, 2015
Requires Windows XP or later
 and iTunes 10 or later


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