Author Topic: The Mockingbird Society wants to improve foster care & end youth homelessness  (Read 955 times)

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The Mockingbird Society are advocates to improve the child welfare system ...

By posting this ... Software Santa is hoping the Idea Spreads!  :bowing:

To Kill a Mockingbird provides our inspiration, our moral muscle.
Find out more about what The Mockingbird Society, alongside inspiring youth like Samantha and Deonate, does every day to change the world.

The Power of Our Name  Our name is as unique as we are. The great American masterpiece To Kill a Mockingbird provides our inspiration, our moral imperative. The power and promise of To Kill a Mockingbird is in reminding each of us of the untapped potential our most vulnerable citizens hold.

      About Us   
Pioneering, Empowering, Practical
We are the leading, independent voice for child welfare reform in Washington state and beyond, built upon youth-inspired solutions and public support for every child's right to a safe and stable home.
We work to change both policies and practices:
  • Our Youth Programs, the Mockingbird Youth Network and Youth Advocates Ending Homelessness, train young people who have been homeless or in foster care to become their own best advocates. Through training, youth development activities, and direct involvement with system reform, our youth gain leadership experience, advocacy skills, and confidence while making positive changes to policies that affect all youth impacted by foster care or homelessness in Washington and beyond.
  • Our Public Policy and Communications team educates policymakers, community leaders, media, service providers, and constituents on issues facing youth and alumni of foster care and homeless youth. The team also collaborates with a broad range of nonprofits and coalitions to advance child welfare issues.
  • Our Family Programs are known for an innovative foster care delivery model - the Mockingbird Family Model. This model improves upon the traditional foster care delivery experience by creating a structured network of support built on the concept of the extended family. The Mockingbird Family Model is being replicated locally and internationally, and holds the promise to fundamentally alter the way foster care is delivered.


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