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JGammon is a backgammon client with graphical interface (written in Java 6)

JGammon - Backgammon for Java

JGammon is a Backgammon client with nice graphics written in Java.
It allows a TCP-based network-game.
It supports saving and loading of board setups, undoing moves,
"secure dice" and has got an own chat client and a help system.
A computer player is included, stronger ones are being worked on.

    Nice java-swing user interface, intuitive usage
    board setups can be saved in case you want to finish a started game at a later date.
    The players can not cheat. The dice values are negotiated with a secure dice protocol
    Connection to a gnu backgammon server is possible, so external AI is present.
    An integrated chat-client that announces new messages visually instead of audibly.
    The ability to undo moves till the other player has thrown the dice
    The board can be turned and flipped as you wish
    Moves of the remote partner are animated
    The history of the game can be displayed.

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