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Goban Lets you play Go against the Computer OR an Internet Player - Only for Mac OS X

Surprise!!! This version of Goban (3.2.12 for Mac OS X, 10.4 and above, Universal binary) Is still working on Mac OS X 10.9.5!

Play Go on Mac OS X - Jouez au go sur Mac OS X

Use Goban to play the game of go against the program. Play with people on the Internet go servers or your local network. Observe live pro and amateur games on IGS, the Internet Go Server. Review and analyze games. Browse through joseki or fuseki libraries... Goban is a powerful, simple, fast go board for Mac OS X. Like Hikaru and Sai, use a Mac to play go!

Features of Goban include:

    A simple, fast, Aqua user interface (Fig 1.)
    Inspectors to view different aspects of the game (Fig 2.)
    Internet go client (Fig 3.)
    GNU Go, a go playing program
    Opens, edits and saves standard SGF files
    Handles efficiently large SGF files, game collections or joseki/fuseki variation trees such as Kogo's Joseki Dictionary
    Supports the Go Modem Protocol and the Go Text Protocol
    Japanese rules
    Automatic Scoring
    Simultaneous games
    Resizable board
    Undo/redo moves
    One color go
    local network play
    ... in a native, real Mac application.

Goban is currently distributed free of charge. Permission must be obtained for redistribution. A different version of Goban (FreeGoban) is distributed as free software, under the GNU General Public License.


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