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Yacht is a java implementation of a common poker dice game
« on: January 10, 2016, 01:34:58 PM »
Yacht is a java implementation of a common poker dice game.

Yacht is a dice game derived from poker dice, and is the basis for the commercial game, Yahtzee. This game takes it's name from the original game, but has scoring that more closely resembles that of it's progeny.

This version of yacht has two modes: Solitaire and Human vs. PC. Both versions are intended for a single user (human player). In Solitaire mode, the objective is to get as high a score as possible. The minimum hand shows the smallest score possible that still fills in every blank, including the bonus score for achieving at least 63 points in the top half. The maximum score shows the highest possible score.

If your score falls short of the minimum score, your result is expresses as a negative number that shows how far away from the minimum score you came. If you score exactly the minimum score, your hand is counted as "Even," but if your score is above the minimum score, your score is expressed as a percentage of the maximum score.

In Human vs. PC mode, the objective is to score higher than the computer controlled opponent. The winner is the one who scores highest.

NOTE: If you want a fully functional version (AI for Human vs. PC mode), please download version Alpha 3. The GUI doesn't work as well, but the AI is present in that version.

After reading that the developer had had difficulty getting the AI Player to take its turn in version 0.3 , and as a result had removed the AI in version 0.4 , I decided to test both versions.
I have a Macintosh system and, at least on Mac OS X 10.9.5 with Java 8 r66: the AI Player of version 0.3 seemed fine, and took its turn as it was supposed to. I only played that one test game with it: but I didn't see the "AI Fails to play/or it Crashes" bug at all. Maybe the AI will bomb the next game I play against it ... but it seemed stable when it lost to me.
So, since in version 0.3 I have the option of playing against the AI Player ... or trying to beat my high score in solo mode ... I'm sticking with the 0.3 version for now.

Download page:
With AI:
Without AI:


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