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WISE (World Information Service on Energy) is important to the global anti-nuclear movement ... it practically spearheads the global anti-nuclear movement information campaign!

Software Santa sincerely believes the slogan
"Better Active today ... than Radioactive tomorrow!".

(The Smiling Sun® Logo appears courtesy of OOA Fonden)


The mission of WISE is a world without Nuclear Power. It is our vision that it is possible to create a reliable, affordable and sustainable energy-future without nuclear power. This will not happen by itself. WISE is convinced that this will only mature if we manage to build up enough pressure for a real change. Empowerment is the key for this change. WISE supports grassroots (groups and individuals) to enable them to effectively oppose nuclear power.

What we do

We support international campaigns, projects and actions. These are often initiated by others, but sometimes we organize them ourselves.


We have been actively involved in campaigns against new build reactors in countries as India, Taiwan, South-Africa, Finland, the UK, and the Czech Republic. We joined the actions against transports of radioactive waste in Germany and we co-organized demonstrations in Belgium, France and the UK. We are partners in youth camps in Europe on nuclear issues, we support the struggle against uranium mining in Tanzania, Namibia, Mali, Cameroon, Australia, Greenland.


In our home country (the Netherlands) we are involved in lobby work. On an international level we initiate or support letters and petitions. This includes work on the EBRD and other transnational financial institutions, the EU and its institutions, the UN and its bodies, national governments, banks and business platforms. 


We focus primarily on our role as networker. Nevertheless, we also like to be involved in campaigns and (direct) actions. We are fully aware of the fact that political and social changes (needed to tackle the nukes) only happen if enough pressure is being put on decision-makers. We get involved if we think the action being undertaken makes sense, and is most effective and appropriate to the situation.

Having been part of the international anti-nuclear movement for 30+ years we have gained an organization tremendously rich in networking experience. We know the people, we know what is going on in different places of the world, we have visited quite some countries and anti-nuclear groups and campaigns. We have our ideas on strategic action planning, media work, research, running a magazine, and we are willing to share those skills and experience. We welcome visitors, people working on the same issues from all parts of the globe.


international articles about nuclear energyWe publish the Nuclear Monitor,  a unique international newsletter serving the worldwide movement against nuclear power. Produced 20 times per year, it gives an anti-nuclear perspective on what is happening in the nuclear power industry and the resistance against it. The Nuclear Monitor concentrates on grassroots movements and media, featuring articles in which activists all over the world report on their local campaigns. Other articles are written in-house, using information in several languages from news agency, NGO, industry and governmental sources.

Besides the regular Nuclear Monitor we publish papers, reports, factsheets, brochures, leaflets on all kinds of nuclear/related topics. We are often asked to engage in training-activities and sometimes we organize them ourselves. You can always approach us if you need help with speakers, trainers, ideas for content or research.

Based in the Netherlands

As we are based in the Netherlands there is hardly an action on nuclear energy in the Netherlands in which we have not been not actively involved. In the period between 2008-2012 we have been extremely active in the southern Dutch province Zeeland where the Dutch utility Delta wanted to build a second nuclear power station. Together with other national groups and the regional platform which we founded we have organized dozens of actions, meetings, demonstrations, lobby talks with regional officials and behind-the-door talks with the utility and its stakeholders. In January 2012 Delta announced officially that their plan for a new nuclear power station was 'temporarily shelved'. This means that it will not be built.

About "The Smiling Sun"® Logo:
The Smiling Sun® was created in 1975 in Denmark. The anti-nuclear power movement in dozens of countries soon adopted the logo. In 1977 The Smiling Sun® was trademarked.
It became the world wide strongest brand against nuclear power. And still is.

(The Smiling Sun® Logo appears courtesy of OOA Fonden and


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