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The Hearts Center movement is a source of wisdom and spiritual connections in today's hectic world!

Our Mission:
Within our Hearts Center Community, we realize personal enlightenment through our Higher Self and share the ascended masters' teachings and our love-wisdom throughout the Earth.

Our Vision:
We live in sustainable Golden-Crystal Age communities in joy and in harmony with Mother Nature, using solar sciences of the Spirit. We radiate light, and we live and love as one.

Our Declaration of Spiritual Freedom
We, the lightbearers of The Hearts Center, joyfully unite to continue the spiritual work of the ages through daily and ongoing revelation from the Ascended Masters as given to their anointed Messengers. Reaching out to serve all life, we dedicate our hearts to world freedom and to bringing forth the plans of beloved Saint Germain and Portia for the Golden Age of Aquarius—a time of peace, harmony, joy and beauty.

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