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SDL-Ball is a Free / OpenSource brick-breaking game for Linux, BSD, and Windows

SDL-Ball is a Free/OpenSource brick-breaking game for Linux,BSD and windows with pretty graphics. It is written in C++ using SDL and OpenGL, here is the project page on
Your mission: To smash your way through a series of progressively harder and more tricky levels. Your tools: Ultrakinetic titanium balls and your trusty Gruntmazter-3000-Paddle edition.
SDL-Ball is now complete! Download it now!
  • 50 levels.
  • OpenGL eye candy. (Nice graphics, really)
  • Lots of powerups and powerdowns.
  • Powerup Shop - You get special coins for collecting powerups, you can spend them on more powerups.
  • Highscores.
  • Sound.
  • Easy to use level editor.
  • Themes - Selectable from options menu. Themes support loading new gfx,snd and levels. A theme can be partial, if a file is missing, it will be loaded from the default theme. You can even mix between gfx,snd and level themes!
  • Controllable with Mouse/Keyboard/Joystick and WiiMote.
  • Save and Load games
  • Cool Introscreen
  • Screenshot function
This game is free for you to download, play, modify and share (under the terms of GPLv3), it comes with the full source code, and with a precompiled binary.
Here is a youtube video where I play it with a WiiMote.


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