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DomainTools has useful tools for WhoIs look up on IP Addresses and Domains

What We Do

DomainTools helps security analysts turn threat data into threat intelligence. We take indicators from your network, including domains and IPs, and connect them with nearly every active domain on the Internet. Those connections inform risk assessments, help profile attackers, guide online fraud investigations, and map cyber activity to attacker infrastructure.
How We Can Help:

Threat Intelligence
Assess risk of domains and augment malware intel with domain data.

Cyber Forensics
Investigate cyber crimes and online fraud by connecting the dots of cyber fingerprints.

Online Fraud Investigation
Find, characterize, and fight perpetrators of ad network fraud and digital piracy.

Brand Protection
Protect your brand, monitor infringing activity and gather the data to bring down fraudulent sites.

Threat Hunting
Move from reactive to proactive security strategy by identifying nefarious infrastructure before a breach occurs.

Regulatory Compliance
Satisfy or exceed regulations around incident response and defenses against malicious domains.

DomainTools 101
Strategies to Improve your Investigations

In this 30-minute, monthly training series, we will help you effectively build your own Threat Intelligence strategy.

Latest News and Resources:

A Beginner's Guide to Threat Intelligence
Threat Intelligence is a hard field to break into. It requires a deep understanding of a number of different areas

2017 SANS Threat Hunting: The Hunter Strikes Back

Read this SANS report, cosponsored by DomainTools, to learn about trends regarding threat hunting uptake across organizations.

17 Billion Records and 6,000 Reasons to Trust Us

    Over one third of the Fortune 100 and over 6,000 clients in financial services, technology, retail, utilities, manufacturing, healthcare and communications.
    The largest US government agencies and contractors in cyber security.
    National and international law enforcement agencies.
    The world's largest advertising and social networks.

Over 300 MILLION
Known domains in DNS

Whois records

IP Address change events

Name Server change events


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