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ArsClip Mini is a clipboard manager for Android Devices that is available for Windows systems too!

ArsClip Mini is a clipboard manager for Android Devices 4.0.3 and up!

This is ad supported and the full version of the application. Ads may be permanently removed with an in-app purchase. ($ 0.99)

Smart Popup Button
Automatic Pasting
Clipboard History
Editing and Search modes

The "smart" popup button only shows when a text field is clicked on. Clicking shows the popup window and a long click open the main window. This button can be moved by dragging.

On Android 4.3 and above, clips will automatically be pasted when click on the popup window. This feature is unique to ArsClip Mini.

Clips placed on the clipboard (performed by long-clicking on text) are automatically copied into the clipboard history. This list of clips is shown on the popup by default.

Clips can be placed into many custom favorite groups. Swiping the popup's header changes between clipboard history and favorites. One favorite group can optionally be shown by default when the popup is displayed, instead of the Clipboard History.

The popup can be changed to edit mode to move clips, delete clips, or merge several clips into a single clip.

The popup can turn turn links in clips into click-able text or show only clips copied from a single application.

How it works
 ArsClip Mini only shows its floating button when a textbox is clicked. Clicking this button shows a popup window that contains both clipboard history and favorites.
 On Android 4.3 and above, ArsClip Mini also automatically pastes text.

  Additional information 

   Updated: April 30, 2016

   Size:  2.8M

   Installs:   500 - 1,000

   Current Version:  1.8

   Requires Android:       4.0.3 and up

   Content Rating: Everyone

   Interactive Elements:  Digital Purchases

   In-app Product: $0.99 to remove the ads.

Version 1.8 can access:
In-app purchase - 99¢ to remove the Ads.

    view network connections
    full network access
    draw over other apps


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