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Blocks: Remover is a Android Puzzle game based on the Same Game Puzzle

Blocks: Remover is free and easy to use puzzle game. It provides an excellent brain exercise and fun. Anyone can play this game, but not everybody wins. Do You want to try? :) Before You start, I've got to warn You: it is very addictive!

What do You have to do to win? It's simple: just clear the entire board. But play wisely - you can remove only blocks of same color in 3's or more. You've got only one chance to win, so don't waste it.

Game features and advantages:

- clean, colorful graphics
- three levels of hardness (from easy and medium to hard)
- Google Play Game services integration to store Your best results
- leaderboards and achievements

Blocks: Remover is nice and easy to use. Time just passes by when You are playing it.

You have to remove blocks of the same color from the board. There are no new blocks appearing during the game. You Win if you clear the board of blocks.

Test your logic and observation. How many blocks will you manage to remove from the board?

Rules of the game:

    Remove tiles of the same color (minimum three blocks of the same color must touch each other).
    The less undeleted blocks will be on the board, the better and the better the result.

Can you clear the entire board?

The basic features of the game:

    You can choose from three levels of the game (easy, medium and hard).
    The higher the level of the game, the more blocks' color and larger the board.
    The best results for each level are saved.

If you do not like being bored, this cool game is what you are looking for.

Download it for free!


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