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FreeX3D: VRML, X3D, STL Viewer is The VRML, X3D and STL viewer for Android 4.0.3 or later!

What is FreeX3D?

FreeX3D is an Android model viewer and manipulator for VRML, X3D and STL models. It is based on the FreeWRL rendering engine, of which one estimate pegs at over a million downloads. FreeX3D adds STL capabilities, and will add image manipulation and DXF interpretation on top of this engine.

Security: This app does not track, does not have adds, does not time out. It reads and writes to the "sdcard" directory. It will act as an "intent receiver" if another app wants to ask for a STL/VRML/X3D display. It will, on user input, start the browser to display these FreeX3D web pages, and currently has an "email developer" button should you wish direct contact with the developers.

Display local or web-based STL, VRML97 and X3D files.

Rotate or zoom STL files; X3D files you can examine, and walk around your 3D Scene. Use one finger to rotate or walk, two to either zoom or move up and down, depending on the Nav setting.

Decide whether your model renders quickly for interactivity, or slower for "picture-perfect" screen snapshots. STL models can be analyzed for 3D printability, should you wish.

It is the only app on the App Store that will check for STL Watertight and Manifold issues for 3D Printer pre-verification.

CAD programs such as Catia, AutoCAD, Sketchup, OpenSCAD, SoldidWorks, MATLab, in fact almost any CAD program, will export in STL, VRML, or X3D.

The rendering engine has a proven track record on desktop computers, and has been downloaded millions of times by scientists, researchers, academics, hobbyists, Augmented Reality experimenters; the rendering engine (FreeWRL) is well proven and users have told us that it can run up to 10x faster than other rendering engines.

We are well on our way to giving you THE tool for model verification, manipulation, and display.

There are many additions planned for FreeX3D - it is a top-notch VRML/X3D viewer, and a great STL (stereolithography) file manipulation tool for the 3D printer and CAD viewer crowd.

Make sure you enable updates when you purchase this App.


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