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Quelea is free cross platform projection software for churches / temples / etc

   Quelea 2016.1  Church projection software.
 Powerful, user-friendly, 100% free.
 Yet another projection software? There's some good lyrics projection software out there already, some of which is free and open source, some of which is commercial. With Quelea we aim to incorporate the best features of existing solutions as well as leveraging new, useful technologies that existing solutions don't have - providing it all under a free, open source license.
      Get started quickly, with a variety of import options.  That's right - you can grab content from pretty much anywhere, including EasyWorship, OpenLP, OpenSong, Survivor songbooks, kingsway online library (and we're always looking to include more.)
Of course, if you just want to enter songs by hand the old fashioned way, then that's fine too!
  Stage View  Quelea comes with out of the box support for a separate stage view, enabling you to show chords to the band (but not to the congregation!)
  Video background support  You're no longer restricted to just colours or still images as backgrounds (though of course, Quelea supports those too.)
  Multilingual  Thanks to the hard work of our translators, Quelea's interface is available in English, German, Spanish, Swedish, Czech, Hungarian, Norwegian, Dutch, Lithuanian and Portuguese
       Still interested? There's more cool stuff     
  Use your phone to view lyrics.  Find the projector background difficult to read? Quelea can push out lyrics to any mobile device with a browser, all in real time - and you can choose the colours to best suit your needs.
  Just noticed a mistake?  No problem. Just control-click on any verse to pop up a "quick-edit" window where you can fix it with the minimum of fuss - it's so quick and easy, you can even do it during the song!
  Pick any bible you like.  Quelea supports the Zefania XML bible format, so you can easily download and use the language and translation of your choice.
  Setting up a projector?  Quelea doesn't just focus on the display, it helps with the setup as well. It ships with a variety of test patterns you can use to make sure it's calibrated and positioned correctly.
        So, want to give it a shot? After all, it's completely free.
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