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ACTS is a free church management software / system for Windows systems


    ACTS is a free church management software / system, which is free and open source, any church can download and use. Features include membership information, check-in, room booking, accounting, donation, etc. This software supports multi-users, network access, and built-in web-based application modules which enables churches to provide online services for members to view personal data, room booking, etc. The web module can run on Windows or Linux server.

Functions Detailed

ACTS church management system functions include:

    Church information 、Member Data Management 、Issuance of church documents 、Church certificate printed Barcode 、Church group classification
    Church meetings 、To attend roll call management
    Church venue application 、Items borrowed Management
    The church dedication records management, print receipts
    Church accounting management 、Financial statements

ACTS church management system, pending the development of the features include:

    Church Calendar System
    Church Sunday School, online course materials, student transcripts
    Church online library collection catalog, borrowing and returning books management
    Church online event registration, questionnaires
    Church visits Records Management
    Church sermons, preach the gospel record, follow-up management

 The latest version: ACTS 1.2.2

 User Manual New features + changelog Update from 1.1.0

The previous version: ACTS 1.1.0

  • The computer must have Java
  • Support OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

  • The computer must have Java
  • Decompress the download file
  • Press acts.exe to start the program
  • First time login, the login ID to login to the system administrator is admin, password is also admin
  • Change the system administrator password: System> Change Password
  • Config the system settings: System > Settings   
    -Enter correct information in all the fields 
  • Config custom options: System> Custom options   
    -Enter correct information in all the fields
After the above basic setup, you can start using other modules.
 For other information, please see Frequently Asked Questions
 Regarding the multi-user login and Webtool module, there are more special settings. If you are interested, please contact us
 License Agreement


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