Author Topic: The ScamZapper Extension can get rid of bogus popups that lock up Safari.  (Read 1140 times)

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The ScamZapper Extension can get rid of bogus popups that lock up Safari. For Mac OS X and Safari on PPC OR Intel Systems.

ScamZapper is not like most other pop-up blockers, as it targets a specific kind of pop-up: the worst kind. Some pop-ups will lock up Safari, claiming that your computer is infected by a virus and you need to call a bogus technical support number for help, and this is exactly what ScamZapper is designed to prevent.

You can learn more about this scam in our support article here: A Browser Pop-up has Taken Over Safari. This is not a virus or adware, so anti-virus or adware software won't detect it. Furthermore, even pop-up blockers usually fail to stop these.

For some users, regaining access to Safari can be a daunting task. At the very least, the pop-ups are annoying, and usually cannot be dismissed like most pop-ups. With ScamZapper, we'll take care of the pop-up and prevent it from displaying in the first place. ScamZapper detects when a website tries to redirect you to one of the culprit websites which display these pop-ups, and sends you to page letting you know that the site has been blocked. You can then click your browser's back button to get back to the page you were trying to visit.

Note that ScamZapper is not an ad blocker, but works great in conjunction with one. Please watch the video to see what kinds of pop-ups ScamZapper blocks.

What happens if you run into a pop-up that isn't in ScamZapper's database? Don't worry! The ScamZapper Safari extension is designed to prevent the pop-ups from loading in the first place, but sometimes, they slip past. In the event that this happens, you can just launch the ScamZapper application, and choose "Troubleshoot Pop-up." You will be taken through automated troubleshooting steps that will get rid of it.


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