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Iris Mini is free software for causing display changes to help with better health and productivity.

Why I created Iris?
When I was young my vision was perfect, but as a programmer I was sitting for more than 10 hours per day in front of computer. Not short after that I started to experience huge eye pain and strain. I even got glasses for the first time in my life. It was time for a change. I started to search the internet for programs for eye protection and started to read every single article for eye and vision health. After I didn’t find anything good enough out there I decided to create my own software for eye protection, health and productivity. Iris is the product of this decision.

How Iris makes you healthy?
Iris combines all tips, tricks and medical researches for eye health and eye protection. It reminds you to take short breaks on regular intervals, makes your monitor better and improves your sleep.

Iris blocks distractions and was built with productivity and health in mind.

And most of all I update it regularly based on your feedback and on new innovative ideas for health and productivity. My goal is to make the best and sexiest desktop software out there.

What Iris actually is?
Iris is a desktop software for health and productivity. It works in background and doesn’t interfere with your work. It works on every operating system and has slick UI and good tech support.

Iris mini

Small. Minimalistic. Free. Portable. Automatic. Awesome for everyone  Download “Iris-mini-0.2.0-Windows”      iris-mini-0.2.0.exe 
 Download “Iris-mini-0.2.1-OSX”      iris-mini-0.2.1-OSX.dmg 
 Download “Iris-mini-0.2.1-Linux” 
For Windows there is also version with Installer if you want.
If you have super old Mac like 10.6.8 Snow Leopard use this version.
Iris mini is free and minimalistic version of Iris.

The entire Iris mini has no ui, no buttons, no many confusing options.
Iris mini has 3 modes which you can change by left clicking the icon.

 Automatic mode: During the day color temperature will be 6500K and 100% brightness and at night this will change to 3400K and 80% brightness.

 Manual mode: Use 3400K and 80% brightness all the time.

 Paused: Iris is paused and does not apply color changes.

What are this values?
The K values are color temperature. What this means is that the lower K means less blue light. Less blue light means you will get better sleep and less eye strain. How? Read the article about Color temperature.
The % values are brightness. This are luminance values, but innovative without PWM flicker. Basically this also helps your eyes hurt less. For more information check the Brightness article.


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