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Mr Timeline / Mr Pop Culture has amazing Timelines and Pop Culture history since 1998! Software Santa Thanks Jenny Mac for the Link to this Site!

By: Man From Yesterday

Doing Internet Pop Culture Content Since 1998 . This site began in 1998 as Pop History Now! - the first web service to feature news and pop in a week-by-week delivery. And, the first web destination to regularly feature pop culture/history.   

Modern pop culture began in 1955 with rock 'n roll, the transistor, television and the baby boomers. Step back and follow the times -  like no other. Each year contains four to five video timelines - full of news, info and other facts - including entertainment, life-changing events, technology, sports,  & fascinating facts. From mono to stereo music: b&w to color to HD TV.  Also,sports moments, personalities and happenings. The crazy 1960's. Disco '70's. Reagan '80's. 1990's into the Internet. AM to FM radio. The 2000's. Rock to rap music. From five to 500 TV channels. Included are complete technology timelines,  plus - music videos, movies - all in easy-to-flow context.

1955 Through 2016


This Site was Opened on January 1st, 2007

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