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Video Converter is an extension converting any video file to selected formats (i.e. mp4) inside your browser!

Video Converter is a browser extension that let you easily convert most common video formats to another using FFmpeg JavaScript library.

4 Reasons to Use Video Converter

    Has a stand-alone popup window to drag and drop video files.

    Has a console to inform you about ongoing processes.

    Can convert most common video formats to another ones (.webm, .mp4, etc.).

    Available for Firefox, Chrome and Opera browsers on all operating systems.

What is Video Converter?

Video Converter is a browser add-on that help you easily convert a video format to another. It uses FFmpeg library which is compiled from C and C++ language to JavaScript with Emscripten compiler. Emscripten is a source-to-source compiler that can compile native C/C++ codes to JavaScript language. To work with this add-on, just open the app UI and drag a video file to the designated area in the app. Then, type your FFmpeg command in the input area and press on the - Run Command - button. Once the conversion is done, the link to download the video file will be available at the bottom of the UI. Please note that, conversion may take some time depending on the video size and also type of the conversion that you choose. There are some sample commands available in the app UI which you can choose to start working with this addon.

How can I work with this add-on?

As mentioned above, simply open the app UI, then drag and drop desired video files inside the app (rectangular area at the top). Next, type any FFmpeg command (i.e. -help) that you link in the input field and then press on the - Run Command - button. If you are not familiar with FFmpeg commands, you can use few sample commands that are available in the UI as separate buttons above the input field. Moreover, you can always search and find your desired FFmpeg command in a search engine. Once the command is entered in the input field, please press on the - Run Command - button in order to execute your command. Also note that, before executing any command, make sure the FFmpeg library has the required codec. Just type -codecs command in the input field and press on the run button to see all available codecs currently accessible in this version of FFmpeg. There is also a - Clear - button in the UI (right section next to the run command button) which you can use to clear the console. All the information regarding current commands are rendered in the app console. Moreover, at the end the process, total time spent for executing the command will also be displayed.

How does Video Converter addon work?

This addon uses the free and open source conversion library called FFmpeg. FFmpeg is originally written in C and C++ languages. But within the browser, only JavaScript language is accepted. Therefore, this addon uses a compiled version of FFmpeg library in Javascript language. The compiled version is the result of Emscripten compiler. Please read this Wikipedia page to get more info about Emscripten compiler. All the original FFmpeg commands are also accepted in this Javascript compiled version. However, not every codec is supported yet. So please check for available codecs before using the addon. It is also important to note that, because this library is based on Javascript, it may NOT have the same performance as the C and C++ versions. Since it runs in the browser and has less resources comparing to the native C Ffmpeg application. But, according to our tests it is useful for ordinary usage.

How do I turn the extension OFF?

When app UI is closed, this addon is completely OFF and has no usage (RAM/CPU) on your system at all. Alternatively, if you want to completely turn off the addon, please head to the extensions tab in your browser and then click on the disable button from there.

Is this extension available for mobile firefox (Firefox for android)?

Yes, this addon is available for all browsers and platforms including mobile Firefox and Opera browsers.

How can I reload the app UI?

When you open the app UI, you will see a reload button on the top left corner. Please press on this button to reload the UI. Also note that, reloading the UI will terminate all active operations and reset the optimization process.

How can I download the converted video file?

Once a conversion is done, the link to a downloadable item will be displayed at the bottom of the UI. Please click on the link to download the item to your machine. Download location is the default download path in your browser.

How can I change the download path for the converted file?

To change the download location, please head to the settings tab in your browser and then find the download section. Within this section, you can adjust the download path. This will globally change the download location for all you downloads in your browser.

Can I also convert audio formats with this addon?

This addon is specifically designed for video file formats. However, a limited number of audio formats (i.e. mp3) may also be supported. For audio conversion, you need a separate addon.

Does this addon has comparable performance to native FFmpeg applications?

No, since this addon runs FFmpeg in the browser, it runs slower than the native FFmpeg applications/library. However, using the addon is very easy (in fact much easier than the native FFmpeg command-line tool). Simply add it to your browser and it starts to work without any additional plugins. The native FFmpeg library is rather hard to use and may be difficult to install on different operating systems. But this addon is supported on all major browsers and platforms. Please note that, for very large video files, you still need the native FFmpeg library. This addon is only suitable for simple conversions (rather small video files).


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