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Photozig Albums Express lets you organize 10,000 Photos for Windows

Photozig Albums: The digital photo solution

It is the easy, efficient and complete software to organize your digital photos, short videos and songs:
Key Features of Photozig Albums    

    *     Consolidates the organization of your digital pictures.
    *     Powerful, efficient and easy-to-use features with integrated web functions to share online photos in new and fun ways.

    *    Tools to better get in control of your personal photo/video media.

    *    Speeds up the personal "handling" of your digital content.

    *    Give you more time to enjoy and share special moments with your family and friends.

Why Photozig Albums?

Instead of conventional folders to store images, Photozig Albums has a built-in photo database that facilitates, speeds up, and enhances your experience with digital pictures:

    * Faster and more efficient organization of photos in digital albums.

    * Many ways to see your images, including all photos in a single window, whenever you want.

    * You can find that special photo easily with Quick Find, Tags and Filters.

    * You can customize the order of your photos as you wish, and the program keeps your custom sort.

    * You can send to web, email, create slideshows, burn CD's with photos, videos, music and more.

    * Finally, you can get in control of your photos...

    * Because you got the right tools for several digital photo jobs.

    * You can do it better and you can do more in less time.

The integration of powerful desktop features to manage digital images with built-in access to Photozig web services enables you to share your best shots online in many different ways (including web albums and photo album blogs), easily and quickly. Online content (after publishing) can also be modified (e.g. add/remove photos, change caption, album name, etc.) directly by your Photozig Albums software.

In summary, you control your photos in the desktop and in the web completely.

The computer requirements for the Photozig Albums software are the following:

    * Windows XP.

    * Multimedia PC with Pentium 500MHz or higher processor or compatible.

    * 512MB RAM; 100 MB free hard-disk space (500 MB recommended).

    *  Internet Explorer 5 or later, and Internet connection (for Online Services).

    * 2X or faster CD-R drive (for making photo CD's or backup).

    * SVGA monitor with 16-bit color and 800 x 600 resolution (minimum). 

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