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OpenJUMP is an open source Geographic Information System (GIS) written in the Java programming language.

OpenJUMP is an open source Geographic Information System (GIS) written in the Java programming language. It is developed and maintained by a group of volunteers from around the globe. OpenJUMP started as JUMP GIS designed by Vivid Solutions.
The current version can read and write shapefiles simple GML files as well as several other vector formats via plugins. It can also read from several spatial databases and write to postgis. It has support for images and for WFS and WMS web-services. So you can use it as GIS Data Viewer. However, its particular strength is the editing of geometry and attribute data. One can style the appearance of data in OpenJUMP's map display and can export the view to SVG. A growing number of vector analysis tools for topologic analysis and overlay operations is available too. OpenJUMP 1.8 adds coordinate reference system transforms and 1.9 adds several spatial databases reading capabilities as well as a lot of bug fixes and improvements. More info in our fatcs sheet.

OpenJUMP is a community driven fork of JUMP the "Java Unified Mapping Platform" GIS software. The original JUMP was developed by Vivid Solutions, released under GPL2 in 2003 and discontinued in 2006.

During 2004 already some enthusiastic developers joined together to enhance further the features of JUMP. They launched an independent development branch called OpenJUMP. The name gives credit to the original JUMP development, and at the same time describes the objectives of this project to be fully open to anyone wanting to contribute.

These days OpenJUMP is developed and maintained by (some few) volunteers around the globe. If you need functionality or even better want to contribute you are very welcome to contact us at our mailing list.


    Vector GIS (that can read rasters as well)
    provides open API & PlugIn system, scripting via BeanShell and Java Python
    edit, save, analyse, conflate and display your GIS data
    strives to handle empty geometries well
    elaborate shortcuts, undo/redo

    Vector formats:
    read DXF*, JML, GeoJSON, GML, SHP
    write DXF*, JML, GeoJSON, GML, SHP, SVG*

    Raster format read support:
    georeferencing per world file or GeoTIFF
    ECW & JPEG2000 (with 32bit Java on Windows, Linux, MacOSX)* incl. in Plus
    MrSID (with oracle jre on Windows, Linux)*

    Raster format write support:
    JPG, PNG

    Database access:
    read PostGIS, ArcSDE*, Oracle*, MySQL*, SpatialLite
    write PostGIS*

    Archives and compressed files:
    read known data formates from zip, tar, tar.gz, tar.bz2 archives or gz, bz2 compressed files
    supports OGC standards WMS & WFS (-T), GML 2, SLD, SFS

    Topology tools: line noder, polygonizer, planar graph,...
    Raster analysis via SEXTANTE connector
    Attribute transfer tools (1:1 transfer, or n:1 transfer)
    calculating length, area, centroid, buffer, convex hull,...
    spatial and attribute query functions
    rotating, scaling, auto-complete polygon, cut, merge, simplify polygons and lines
    warping, quality assurance tools*
    map generalization functions*
    sophisticated print out capability*

    * functionality provided via additional plugin or native libraries, binaries. search the wiki for additional explanations.


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