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Altaxo is a plotting and data analyzing program for Windows - or Linux (If you use Wine)

Altaxo is a data manipulation and plotting program written in C# for MS.NET. It is featuring worksheet views and plot views, a scripting language (currently C#) for data processing and automation, import of data from ASCII files or from images, export of graphs and embedding of graphs in other documents.


    Worksheets supporting large number of colums and rows
    Graphs with multiple layers
    Customizable colors, transparency
    Graphs can be embedded in MS Word or Powerpoint documents with full editing capabilities

Welcome to the Altaxo project page!

Altaxo is a plotting and data analyzing program with a nice graphical user interface. Data analysis is convenient and fast. If the many built-in possibilities are still not fit your requirements: Almost everything in Altaxo can be scripted, using compiled C# code. Modern features like syntax highlighting and code completion renders scripting really easy. And you have access to a huge mathematical and signal processing library, which is constantly improved. If you want to permanently extend the features of Altaxo, you can even do this by writing an extension to Altaxo, which integrates seamlessly with the main program.

To find out more about Altaxo:

    Find out where to download and how to install Altaxo
    Find out how to use Altaxo by reading the user manual
    If you want to write scripts in Altaxo, you might be interested in the Altaxo class reference
    See the currently implemented features
    Learn something about the history of Altaxo and the developer
    The source code is now hosted on github
    Employees of Fraunhofer Gesellschaft (Germany) can download an add-in for providing corporation colors here


    2017/03: It's time to say goodby! Goodby from the good old WindowsXP! The version 4.6.x.x series of Altaxo is now based on .NET framework 4.6, which does not run on WindowsXP. However, for a limited time, I will still apply bugfixes to the old 4.0.x.x versions and even try to keep the Altaxo projects compatible. The script editor of the new version is now based on Roslyn, so you can enjoy all C#7 features plus QuickInfos, easy renaming (F2), view class help (F1), and live formatting.

    2017/01: Altaxo now runs on Linux! I tested this with Ubuntu 16.10 and Wine 2.0, which was released recently. I had to fix some issues with the font system in Altaxo. Many thanks to the Wine team for their nice work! A dedicated tutorial how to install Wine 2.0 and Net framework under Linux will follow.

    2015/07: The source code of Altaxo is now hosted on github. This should make it easier to contribute to the project.


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