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Quake 3 Rally - Q3Rally - Open Source racing meets First Person Shooter (FPS) on 'The Big 3' desktop platforms ...
Download MORE Add-On Cars, and MORE Add-On Maps!!!

Download NOW:

Q3Rally Trailer: 


Quake 3 Rally - It's Damn Fast Baby!

A Car racing Open arena MOD!  Race on Dangerous Terrain!!  Challenge Others - With Weapons!!!  Collect Power Ups: to Thrash the Other drivers even Harder!!!!

The new version ( of Q3Rally is released to the public. Major Changes are…

– sync the code with ioquake3
– some tweaks on the new camaro
– rework the 2 new maps
– new ctf map
– new deathmatch map
– cleaning the codebase
– some new mapobjects (2 for now)
– add the Viper and the Murcielago
– fix Q3R is not working as a mod for ioquake3
– fix Game Pack for Netradiant/GTKRadiant1.5.0
first macOS version

Go to the Download section an grab your copy of Q3Rally.

Mac is now supported…
With the help from zturtleman, the project leader of spearmint, turtle arena and many more, Q3rally is now ready to run on MacOSX 10.5 and above.  With the release of v0.0.1.2 you will be able to download a .dmg for your Mac.

Game Downloads

    Q3Rally for MacOS X (10.5 and higher) (79)
    Q3Rally for Linux 64bit (50)
    Q3Rally for Linux 32bit (26)
    Q3Rally for Windows 64bit (39)
    Q3Rally for Windows 32bit (21)

Car Downloads

    BMW3 (481)
    Carmageddon (364)
    VW Golf 1 (355)
    Warthog (330)
    Moci Motorbike (319)

Map Downloads

    Atlantica (398)
    Downtown (367)
    Islerace (330)
    Sunny Valley (211)
    Offroad in the Canyon (177)

Here you can find Some of the cars included with this game…

Name: Sidepipe
Description: It´s a muscle car. Nothing more to say.
Number of skins: 7

Name: Alpine
Description: This is the Renault Alpine. An epic car in the rally history.
Number of skins: 6

Name: Camaro
Description: The all new camaro for you. Do you know bumble bee?
Number of skins: 8

Name: Macdaddy
Description: Wanna be a rockabilly? Grab this car.
Number of skins: 10

Name: Mini
Description: Very british, sir.
Number of skins: 6

Name: Murcielago
Description: The italian stallion. No not Stallone…
Number of skins: 12

Name: Raptor
Description: A Pickup. Not more, not less.
Number of skins: 9

Name: Reaper
Descrition: Ever took a ride on a rocket? Head on…
Number of skins: 7

Name: Roadster
Description: Nice weather, top down. But watch out the rockets.
Number of skins: 4

Name: Slingshot
Descrition: It is the Roadster with a hat on…
Number of skins: 6

Name: Viper
Description: A nice supercar.
Number of skins: 8


   Environmental Protection
This power up protects you from all environmentally caused damage, such as fire or bio spills. It will also negate the effects of skidding caused by oil slicks, but will not protect you from weapon based damage. It will also protect you from falling damage, except in cases where you fall into the void or deathfog.

   Weapons Shielding
When you pick up this icon, any incoming weapons damage is effectively halved for the duration of the charge.

This cloaks anyone who picks it up for the duration of the charge. However, firing your weapon will still cause muzzle flash and in CTF mode, when you have the flag, your aura will still glow, indicating your position.

When you grab the Regeneration, your health will gradually increase until it reaches 200 or the effect times out.

This will supercharge your weapons rate of fire (ROF) for the duration of the timer.

   Turbo Boost
When you pick up a turbo icon, your vehicle becomes the fastest thing on the level. This is one of the few items that can be used when you want, rather than the effect starting as soon as you drive over it. However, Turbo Pickups cannot combine their effects with turbo pads (if present on the level). You can only have one turbo at a time.

When you pick up a MegaHealth, your health is increased by 100 points (even beyond your maximum).

   Quad Damage
When you scoop up a Quad Damage, your weapons are supercharged for a brief period of time.
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