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Dr.Web has Free online scanners for scanning suspicious files and links!

  Software Santa regularly checks potential "Presents" with this - and VirusTotal

Dr.Web, URLologist   
Everyone knows that once you are on malicious or fraudulent websites, your PC can easily become infected, especially if your computer or mobile device does not have anti-virus software installed. But could this be avoided? Yes, and it’s as simple as this: if a website looks suspicious, you check it on this web page before clicking on the unknown link.

or     Scan files
Scan your computer for viruses and other malicious and unwanted programs here for FREE.
The files submitted for online scanning will be checked by the latest version of the Dr.Web Anti-virus and the hottest add-on to the Dr.Web virus database. Upon scanning completion, a scan report will be displayed.

How do I scan a file or files with Dr.Web Online Scanner?

    To scan a file hosted on your local or network drive, choose it by pressing "Browse...". To start scanning press "Scan online!".
    To send several files for scanning, place them into an archive (WinZip, WinRar or ARJ) and upload this archive by pressing "Browse...". To start scanning, press "Scan online!". The scan protocol will include a report on every file within the archive.

Important! Dr.Web Online Scanner can only tell you whether or not the file(s) you submitted are infected. But scanning files will not tell you whether or not your PC is infected. To completely check your system hard drive and system memory, use the FREE Dr.Web CureIt! utility which is armed with the most up-to-date virus database add-ons (updated twice per hour).

You can also check your local network using centrally administrated network utility Dr.Web CureNet!


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