Author Topic: Korax' Heritage is a Windows project to create a new 3D action-RPG engine  (Read 224 times)

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Korax' Heritage is an ongoing project to create a new 3D action-RPG engine based on the original Hexen source code (DOOM engine), providing OpenGL / Direct 3D acceleration, new single and multiplayer modes, lots of RPG features, new enemies, spells, etc

Apparently with 3 Different Games/Projects ongoing! Korax’ Heritage: Scattered Evil  |  Korax Arena  |  Korax Mod


  •      Korax Mod - Adds RPG features to the original Hexen.
  •      Korax Arena: Tournament of the Serpent Riders - Multiplayer action on the world of Hexen.
  •      Korax' Heritage (KoraxRPG) - Our upcoming RPG for Hexen.

Korax Mod
Replay the original Hexen with a few RPG elements added in, including leveling, attributes and shopping.

Korax Arena
Korax Arena is a tournament shooter like the UT series with unique game modes and RPG elements.

Korax’ Heritage: Scattered Evil
Scattered Evil is a cross-breed of a 3D first person shooter and a fantasy Role Playing Game in the world of Hexen.


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