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REW stands for Room Equalization Wizard and it is FREE Room Acoustic Testing Software!

This sophisticated testing software requires specialized hardware such as calibrated microphones and digitizers ... but, hey, if you got that stuff lying around THIS lets you do testing to attempt to improve the acoustics of your listening environment. And if you DON'T have a Rocket Science Level of Knowledge of Audio Equipment: RUN Away NOW!!!

Room Acoustics Software

REW is free room acoustics analysis software for measuring and analysing room and loudspeaker responses. The audio analysis features of REW help you optimise the acoustics of your listening room, studio or home theater and find the best locations for your speakers, subwoofers and listening position. It includes tools for generating audio test signals; measuring SPL and impedance; measuring frequency and impulse responses; measuring distortion; generating phase, group delay and spectral decay plots, waterfalls, spectrograms and energy-time curves; generating real time analyser (RTA) plots; calculating reverberation times; calculating Thiele-Small parameters; determining the frequencies and decay times of modal resonances; displaying equaliser responses and automatically adjusting the settings of parametric equalisers to counter the effects of room modes and adjust responses to match a target curve.

The current version is V5.19, revised 27th August 2018. To view the REW revision history click here.



   Windows installer with JRE (32.8MB, includes private Java 8 runtime)
Recommended for most users unless running Windows XP

Windows 64-bit installer (16.5MB, requires separate 64-bit Java 7 or 8 installation)
Recommended for Windows 10 if 64-bit Java 7 or 8 is already installed

Windows installer (16.4MB, requires separate 32-bit Java 7 or 8 installation)
Recommended for Windows XP or if 32-bit Java 7 or 8 is already installed

Windows installer with JRE allowing multiple instances (32.8MB)
Allows multiple REW instances to run at the same time


10.8.3 - 10.13  macOS DMG (35.3MB, includes private Java 8 JRE)
BetterTouchTool, Moom and Magnet Window Manager are not compatibile with the installer, disable them while installing REW. For 10.14 Mojave use the latest V5.20 beta version from AV Nirvana

Linux    Linux installer (15.6MB, requires Java 7 or 8 )
The Oracle Java runtime seems to work best

All    Sampledata.mdat (8.0MB)
Sample measurement data


If you find REW useful you can make a donation by clicking the button. Many thanks to those who have already donated, your generosity keeps REW development going and is greatly appreciated.

Help Files

The REW room acoustics software contains comprehensive help information. You can also view the help files online, download the html files for offline viewing (8.9MB) or download a PDF copy (11.8MB, courtesy of Steve Bolser). Online help for the current beta version can be found in the Beta help files. For additional tips and assistance in using the software visit the AV NIRVANA REW forum.

Features in detail:

  • Free!
  • Frequency response and distortion measurement using logarithmically swept sine signals for fast, accurate analysis of room acoustics and audio performance
  • Measure using an SPL meter, USB measurement microphone or analog measurement microphone
  • Options to use a loopback connection or another speaker as a timing reference
  • Offline measurement mode allowing responses to be generated from imported sweep recordings
  • Frequency response and distortion measurement using stepped sine at up to 96 points per octave
  • Real Time Analyzer with up to 1/48th octave resolution
  • Signal Generator offering:
    • sine waves (optionally including harmonics with level and phase control)
    • Square waves
    • Dual tone signals
    • Tone bursts
    • CEA-2010 tone bursts
    • Linear and logarithmic sine   sweeps
    • Random pink noise (full range, speaker calibration, sub calibration and custom filtered)
    • Periodic pink and white noise (full range, speaker calibration, sub calibration and custom filtered)
    • Export of signals to WAV files
  • Sound level meter with full integrating functionality including equivalent sound level and sound exposure level; mic/meter and soundcard calibration corrections applied; A, C or Z weighting
  • Spectral decay plots, waterfalls and spectrograms (Fourier and wavelet)
  • Impulse response, step response and energy-time curves
  • Reverberation times derived in accordance with ISO 3382 in octave or one-third octave bands with results for Early Decay time (EDT), T20, T30 and an optimal fit RT60 figure
  • Clarity and definition parameters C50, C80 and D50 plus centre time Ts
  • Impulse response can be displayed with octave or one-third octave filters applied
  • Frequency-dependent windowing of impulse response
  • Harmonic and intermodulation distortion measurement including harmonic phase
  • Phase & Group Delay (measured, minimum and excess)
  • Phase wrap/unwrap
  • Minimum phase response generation
  • Impedance measurement and Thiele-Small parameter calculation
  • Impulse Response delay calculation and adjustment
  • Measurement arithmetic functions, add/subtract/multiply/divide/merge measurement
  • Support for the Behringer DSP1124P, FBQ2496 and DCX2496, QSC DSP-30, Crown USM 810, MiniDSP, ADA, Emotiva UMC-200 and XMC-1, waveFLEX DSP A8, Xilica XP2040, Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core and Outlaw Audio Model 976 equalisers
  • Automatic identification of peaks in the response, automatic assignment of EQ filters to peaks and optimisation of filter parameters to counter the peaks and track a desired target response
  • Waterfalls of predicted results of EQ can be viewed in the EQ panel and can update live as filter settings are adjusted
  • Room resonance analysis to determine the frequencies and decay times of modal resonances with pole-zero plots of the response and any filters applied
  • "Modal" filter setting provided for parametric EQ filters to aid in correcting modal decay
  • Room Simulator
  • Frequency response import from and export to text files
  • Impulse response import from WAV or AIFF files
  • Export impulse responses of measurement or filter settings to WAV files with 16, 24 or 32-bit resolution
  • Compensation for C-weighting when using an external SPL meter as the input, calibration files can be loaded for soundcard and microphone or SPL meter
  • ASIO support
  • Comprehensive help files within the application and on-line
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