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RapidTables dot com contains many useful quick reference information and tools.



Frequently asked questions about

Q: Can I link from my website to a page in
A: Yes, You can link to any page in

Q: Do you have a smartphone application of this website?
A: No. I adapted most of the pages for smartphone display. You can add a shortcut of the web page to your smartphone's home screen.

Q: Do you have a PC software that will enable using the website offline.
A: There is no PC software of this website. I expect the website will be available offline in the future with newer browsers that will enable site usage with local disk caching.

Q: I found a mistake / problem in the website.
A: Please fill in the feedback form below and write down the problem and the page name, so I can fix it.

Q: How can I publish my ads on
A: You can use Google Adwords ad placement.

Q: Where the calculations are done?
A: All the calculations are done in the user's local machine.


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