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DRL (Doom, the Rogue Like) is a fast and furious coffee-break Roguelike game!

Software Santa loves his copy!   A Software Santa Pick!  

DRL (D**m, the Roguelike) is a fast and furious coffee-break Roguelike game, that is heavily inspired by the popular FPS game Doom by ID Software.


It’s always good to get an idea of what you’re about to play. Here are some of the basic features of DRL. And when slaying the hordes of Hell makes you thirsty for more, have a look at the features that are being tested for release.

Features – Here and Now (Version

    25 Levels of Mostly Random Doom Dungeons
    Numerous Special Levels
    Innovative Text Base Gore System
    Arsenal of Classic Doom Weaponry
    Wide Range of Assembly, Unique and Exotic Items
    Trait Based Level System
    Three Classes, each with their own perks and Master Traits
    Almost All the Doom Monsters
    Excellent System for Charting Player Progress
    Medals Awarded For Excellence
    Badges Awarded For Advancement
    Original Doom Sound Effects
    Original Doom Music
    Modding System

Wondering when you’ll get to pit your wits again the Spider Mastermind? Or when you’ll get that new Unique demonslaying weapon? When you see it on this list, you know it’s not far off…

Features – Undergoing Testing (Projected Version

    Multi-level modding with score and player data support
    Modding server
    Extended plot and game
    Rebalanced damage system
    Many Bugfixes

Of course, if you can’t wait for the next release to test out these (and more) cool features – you can head over to the forums and look into joining ranks with the other Chaosforge Supporters currently playing with (err…testing) these features.


Listed below are the most recent DRL binary downloads. If you do not know which file you should download, you probably want the Windows installer (first file below).

Main downloads

File                                                    Downloads               Size

DRL Windows Installer (High Quality)    [ 105054 ]    [ 100.66 MB ]
DRL Windows version Zipped (High Quality)    [ 36511 ]    [ 100.86 MB ]

DRL Linux 32 bit-version (High Quality)    [ 4695 ]    [ 100.89 MB ]

DRL Linux 64 bit-version (High Quality)    [ 14367 ]    [ 101.23 MB ]

DRL Mac OSX 64-bit version (bundle) (*)    [ 13785 ]    [ 104.63 MB ]

Note about the Mac OS X version
— compared to the last release we have a proper self-contained bundle finally! However, if you have your Mac configured to accept only signed apps, you’ll need to manually allow DRL to run after installation (Ctrl-Right click the App and choose Open) — if you have any problem installing, feel free to ask at the forums!

Note about the Linux versions — you’ll need SDL, SDL_mixer, SDL_image and libpng installed, and smpeg if you want to use the HQ versions. On some linux distro’s mp3 support is not enabled in SDL_mixer — a workaround has been posted on the forum .

Low quality downloads (deprecated)

Additionally a low quality version is supplied. It is generally deprecated — but if your system doesn’t run MP3 files properly, you want a small portable version or for any other reason, here they are.
DRL Windows zip-version (Low Quality)    [ 6989 ]    [ 4.75 MB ]

DRL Linux 32-bit version (Low Quality)    [ 1747 ]    [ 4.78 MB ]

DRL Linux 64-bit version (Low Quality)    [ 1877 ]    [ 5.13 MB ]


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