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Greater Good has a Click to Give project Every Day - you can Donate for FREE!

How This Site Works
How you make a difference

At GreaterGood, we believe in the power of ONE (that’s you!) and the power of MANY. We care, and we know you do, too! So with our charitable partner,, we have come up with a unique way to empower each visitor to GreaterGood to make a difference with one simple action: a click!

One click per person, per day on our “YES! I want to help today” button will be counted towards a project goal. When we reach our goal, GreaterGood will fund the project and launch a new project for everyone to fund. It’s that simple!

Your clicks are all we need to fund today’s project

This is made possible by you (the user), our wonderful sponsors (site advertisers) and our dynamic non-profit partner With these elements combined, we’re able to put your faith to work for the benefit of the Greater Good!

How we count your daily click

One click is counted per calendar day, per unique person (based on PST time zone). GreaterGood has tracking software that gives us visibility into our visitor traffic, thus allowing us to ensure that each person’s daily click is accounted for. Please bookmark us and subscribe to our reminder emails so you can come back and click every day!

How we track progress

Each weekday GreaterGood totals the number of clicks and updates the progress bar accordingly. If the bar doesn’t change after you’ve clicked – don’t worry, we’re tracking your clicks and will update the progress bar soon!


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