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Cow's Revenge is a Open Source AD FREE Side Scroller 2D Arcade Game for Android.

Available for Computers HERE: Cow's Revenge is a Open Source FREE Side Scroller 2D Arcade Game

You are a cow abducted and genetically improved by aliens which now have the
opportunity to rebel against livestock industry by freeing the encaged hens and
killing butchers. You used to be a regular cow raised as a dairy cow, but you
ain't that anymore. You have become better. You are... THE COWEST.

The game supports both onscreen buttons / gamepad and also have versions for
Windows, GNU/Linux and Mac at

All the sprites, sounds and music themes are licensed as Creative Commons
Attribution-onCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International. Code is licensed as GPL 3.0 and can de found in github:

Made with Godot Engine 2.1.5

This is a small amateur project made for learning purposes in our free time by a team of two. Despite we have a lot of nice ideas, we are students and can't dedicate the time we wanted to develop it, so we cannot promise big or frequent updates. Also none of us have English as mother tongue, we apologize for possible mistakes. Have fun!
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