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SolitaireCG is an open source AD FREE Solitaire Game built for Android devices

SolitaireCG is an adaptation of Ken Magic's "Solitaire" for devices with few hardware buttons.
Free as in "freedom". Open source, no ads, no permissions required.

Solitaire Card Games include Klondike (regular solitaire), Vegas, Spider, Golf, Freecell, Forty Thieves, TriPeaks, and variations of these games.

Features include multi-level undo, animated card movement, statistics/score tracking, and large card art option.

Key changes against Ken Magic's original include:
- Enable spider dealing with visible deck
- Add hi-res graphics, portrait mode, and tablet support
- Add Baker's Game, Golf, and TriPeaks solitaire games
- Add long press on bottom center of screen for alternate menu
- Add language translations: Esperanto, Finnish, French, German, Polish
- Add card count and foundation first card visual indicators
- Avoid card loss if spider deal interrupted
- Prevent illegal N+1 multi-card drop on empty stack in Forty Thieves
- Fix Freecell logic for single step move of a valid card sequence
- Add game rules, terminology, README and COPYING to help
- Replace application icon
- Migrate source code from ant to gradle build process

The changes fix bugs, add games and portrait mode, and enable card dealing and playability in spider. New hi-res graphics have been added to the original card graphics to take advantage of today's larger, higher resolution screens.

SolitaireCG code is Free Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) available under Apache license 2.0, see website.

Q: Missing or inaccessible menu items?
A: Try disabling Samsung Game Tuner or Samsung Game Launcher app and restart phone.


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