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Cross the Barrier is a Board Game for Android Devices - 1st one to get a piece Home WINS!

Find this Game for Regular Computers HERE: Cross the Barrier is a strategy board game.

Click to Download:

(Here RED is about to move 2 spaces and WIN!)

Cross the Barrier
A board game based on the idea of Malefiz.

Additional Information

October 1, 2017
Current Version
Requires Android:
4.1 and up

Each player starts with 3 to 5 caps (configurable).

Aim of the game
Winner is the player who reaches the goal with any of his caps as the first one. The goal field has to be reached exactly, it is not possible to pass by at these field.

The players throw the dice one after each other and move any of their own caps according to the value of the dice. The caps can be moved forward as well as backward, but not during a single move.

- If there is a cap of an opponent player on the reached field, the cap will be caught.
- If there is a barrier on the reached field, the barrier has to be placed on another field.
- It is not possible to place a barrier at the first row.

Barriers in the middle of the way will block the cap of the player in the according direction. It is also not possible that two or more caps are placed on the same field. If it is not possible to do any move with the current value of the dice, the next player will do his move.

This game was developed by using the tjger framework (


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