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Blokish is an Ad Free Open Source version of the Blockus board game for Android


Software Santa:
Blokish is an Ad Free Open Source version of the Blockus board game for Android devices.

The one Still on F-Droid is no longer available in the Google Play Store!

But here is what appears to be an IDENTICAL One to THAT, on the Google Play store, by someone ELSE:

--- Quote ---Smooth Drag & Drop user interface.

Blokus is a family game involving four players and a board with 20 x 20 squares.

No ads at all.

Each player starts with 21 pieces.

"For first round, I must place a piece so that it touches one of the corners of the board"

"Next, a piece must be placed so that it touches a corner of one of my own pieces.
It may touch several corners, but never any side/edge of my pieces!" Look at screenshots or at the video.

The game has a nice and natural User Interface : just Drag & Drop the piece with the finger. Rotate a piece likewise.

You can flip a piece to its mirror position with a long-press gesture.

"If a cannot place any more piece I pass my turn."

You can see opponent's remaining pieces, by pressing corresponding tab.

The end of the game is reached when every player passes.
"My score is : addition of the squares of the pieces I placed".

Refer to 'Menu > Help' inside the app. With several screenshots.

You can safely quit at any time : your current game will be restored on next startup.

You play against the machine. You can configure the level of corresponding Artificial Intelligence : 4 levels. Refer to Menu > Preferences

To play against friends, you can disable AI. Go to Menu | Preferences. Later use the 4 tabs at the bottom to select next player.

This software is open-source, available at You may reuse the code, conforming to GPLv3 licence.
--- End quote ---


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