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With FRANK is a site that helps you apply with FAFSA© ... to Help you Pay for College ... by accessing ALL of the Resources Available to You!

Q: Why would I use Frank when I can go straight to the government’s site?

A: Frank is everything the government’s site is not; fast, easy and painless. We simplify the FAFSA® application process, bringing completion time from hours down to minutes. Additionally, we make the questions comprehensible so you understand how the information will be used. We have smart integrations with the IRS, where students and families are able to simply upload an image of their tax returns. Frank sifts through and crunches all the numbers for you, making filing FAFSA® with us as easy as 1-2-3.

How Frank Works

We often get asked how Frank works and how we make sure to keep offering our help for free. So in the spirit of full transparency, here's how.

How we do business is actually really simple

We suggest affordable programs that you might be interested in.

You choose the programs that you'd like to learn more about.

Select partner schools pay us for the match!  (and yes, FAFSA® is always free)

How Everyone Wins:
When Frank recommends programs for you, it's based on learnings from having helped over 300,000 students pay for college. We know what's affordable, we know where you have better chances of graduating, and we know where students have the best job prospects. That's how we match you with select schools to make the application process easier and to get you more financial aid.

You Win. The Schools Win. Frank Wins.

Afford the school of your dreams with Frank!

 How Does Frank Work?

Figuring out how to get all the financial aid you deserve is tough. With Frank, you’ll get everything you need to understand, apply for, and win the most free money possible!

Check out our services:

College Search
Avoid sticker shock! Search for schools you’re interested in and learn about the real costs.

FAFSA® With Us
Frank is the quickest way to file your FAFSA® securely. Apply for financial aid in three easy steps.

Frank Membership
Need cash to pay for books, rent, and food? We can fund $5000 of your financial aid!

Frequently Asked Questions

Before You File:

Can I qualify for financial aid if I have an intellectual disability?
How can I apply for financial aid?
How do I get aid if I am an international student that doesn’t qualify for federal aid?
What if I am homeless or at risk of being homeless?

While You're Filing:

Do my selected schools receive my FAFSA® information?
How accessible is Frank and how can I contact its support team?
If my parents do not have social security numbers, what should I do?
What if I am unable to provide parental information?
What is the difference between independent and dependent?
What is the maximum number for household?
What type of tax return does FAFSA® require?
Who is considered a parent?
Why does an error occur when I input my birthday?
Why does an error sign occur when I input dollar amounts?

After You File:

After I submit my FAFSA®, how long does it take to receive my aid award?
Can I make corrections to my FAFSA®?
Is it possible for a student to lose their financial aid?
What can financial aid be used towards?

General Questions:

How can I be sure my (students) data is safely and securely stored?
How does Frank make money?
How Does Frank transfer the data into
What are the different types of financial aid?
What is the difference between private and public aid?
Where is Frank’s data stored?
Where is Frank’s headquarters?
Who provides financial aid?
Who sets the interest rates for federal loans?
Why do I have to file the FAFSA® annually?
Why would I use Frank when I can go straight to the government’s site?


What is a scholarship?
What is a tax credit?
What is financial aid?
What is FSA?
What is the SAR?
What is work-study?

Still Have Questions? We're Here To Help

You can bank on Frank. Our customer care team of real people is ready to answer your questions and guide you through the financial aid process. No automated voice systems here!

We are not affiliated with the U.S. Department of Education. Federal Student Aid (FSA), an office of the U.S. Department of Education, makes the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) form and assistance available to the public for free at
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