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Little Finder for iOS Devices is the Hidden Object Game for Kids (And others)

Software Santa REALLY enjoyed his copy! 👍🏾 A Software Santa Pick! This is a fine challenge for little children ... all the way up to the fastest of humans! Most APPs like this eventually prove to be too slow - not this one! It is not often that Software Santa gets a chance to test, with an impersonal APP, to see how fast his mind can react to rapidly changing stimulus. Software Santa is reaching for his upper limits, now: Is over 4,329 points quick enough?

This is not a hidden object game - this is an object recognition game. Software Santa, who feels he might be •JUST OK• at recognizing things, scored 4,334 points in 90 Seconds! You must correctly recognize (and touch) about one item per second, in order to score that high. You must be Very FAST of FINGER!!!!!

Absolutely NO Hesitation allowed ... to score like this ...

Little Finder - The Hidden Object Game for Kids

Over 312,736 happy customers!

A winning combination of simplicity, creativity, and addictive gameplay make this the most enjoyable hidden objects game yet for the whole family. A fun game that build concentration, improves reaction time, and helps kids learn at the same time.


Little Finder is sure to bring a lot of fun and laughter to your family. This is the only hidden objects game designed for both parents and kids. Not only that, this also is the only hidden objects game with a 2 player mode so you can play with your friends and race to find your hidden objects before the other player does.

Each game last just a minute or two so its an excellent break while on the go. However, be warned... once you start you will find an irresistible urge to go at it "just one-more-time."

No more tiny objects hidden in obscure places. Instead you will find gorgeous photos that are begging to be discovered. This is a game that is designed for maximum playability for both young and old and it will leave you mentally refreshed and more alert after just 90 seconds.

What makes it unique for kids?

In Little Finder, each hidden object is announced in writing and and via audio which is ideal for the little ones that have not yet mastered reading skills.


● Includes over 300+ gorgeous photographs of hidden objects

● Uses real, crisp professional images that are carefully handpicked and crafted vs. cartoonish illustrations

● Secret bonus times allow you to extend each game for up to 30 seconds to chase high scores

● To find the bonus time... you have to become aware of whats happening on the entire game board so its a great way to enhance your mental alertness.

● Multi-sensory learning tool - combining seeing, hearing, and tactile feedback

● You can play choose to have each game last 60 seconds, 120 seconds or play in Zen mode and play as long as you like


● Audio hints - ability to turn audio hints on or off. This is great if you want your kids to learn how to read ;)

● Sound effects - ability to turn sound effects on or off. This is great if you want eliminate all distractions

● Spawning of tiles - If you don't want more tiles to appear during the game, you can turn this setting on or off

● Adjustable field size - while 20 hidden objects is the default, you can go down all the way to just 4 (great for toddlers) or all the way to 56 hidden objects for the ultimate challenge.

● Image rotation - you can turn image rotation on or off. Its turned OFF when you first launch the app but if you like to make it more challenging, then turn it on and the hidden objects will show up in a random rotation such as upside down :-)

● Turn categories On or Off - Want to play Little Finder with just animals? No problem! Want to focus on food, its all there in the settings page.

● Turn individual items on or off - Don't like the picture of the bear? No problem! Just click on "Customize" to turn individual items On or OFF

● Update existing items - you can update the spelling and audio of all existing items - now your little one can hear everything in mommy's or daddy's voice!

● Foreign language support - since you can update existing items, you can change everything to your language too! :-)


Heroic Support is not just what we do.  It's really what makes us, well, us.  It's that drive to make a difference in your life - no matter how big or small.  Really, it's our way of life because we want you to be our customer for a lifetime of fun and learning.

Software Santa finally broke through the 4,000 point barrier: on August 1st, 2019 ...  It was fun and challenging!!!
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