Author Topic: Retro 15C RPN Scientific Calculator is a Simulation of the HP-15C on iOS 8+  (Read 356 times)

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Retro 15C RPN Scientific Calculator is a Simulation of the HP-15C Scientific Calculator on iOS (iOS 8 or Later)

You can find a Desktop version Here: Free 15C RPN Scientific Calculator

When Santa was a child there was this thing called an Abacus - which had been around for millennia by then.
When Santa grew into a teenager there was this thing called a Slide Rule - which went the way of the Buggy Whip, and Corset, in the Mid 70's.
When Santa was a young adult there was this thing called a RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) Scientific Calculator - surprise! Someone still makes these things for 99 Swiss Franks.
About a decade after their introduction: these primitive thinking gadgets evolved into the early desktop computer.
And NOW, about 3 decades after Neanderthal Computer made sparks fly, by banging 2 numbers together, Modern Computer (Or modern mobile device) can reconstruct the joys of RPN Calculators for a whole generation ignorant of their delights.  ::)
Save yourself 99 Swiss Franks and play with this thing instead!!!


Students and scientists from the 1980s will remember the classic RPN scientific calculators. These calculators strike a perfect balance between functionality and complexity.

* Complex number arithmetic and trig functions

* Matrix calculations

* Numerical root finder

* Numerical integration

* Statistical functions, linear regression

* Fully programmable

This app is completely free, no ads or extra bits to buy. I love this calculator and I like to share.

What’s New
Apr 27, 2017  Version 1.1

Updated 64 bit build that will survive long past the next iOS update.

Also, the calculator display now scales correctly for all iPhone screen sizes.

The name of the app has been changed to "Retro 15C". It's still free and always will be.

Thank you for your support!


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