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STLhive is the best place to download very high quality 3D models for your 3D printer.

About us

Our Customers.
    We believe our customers are the most clever, resourceful and interesting people in the world!
    We want to help them by modeling difficult parts and features that are not easy to do without professional 3D modeling software.
    We also want to teach our customers how to design their own technically superior models.
    We offer our customers tutorial models that help them to design difficult features by copying us.
    We want to form a lasting and meaningful relationship with our customers.

Our Models.
    Currently our product images are computer renderings because it allows us to get the website to look the way we want.  We want it to look well engineered like our products.
    We agree that pictures are more convincing than computer generated renderings. We plan to reimburse customers for their good quality pictures of our products as we move forward.
    STLhive models are exclusively designed and sold by our dedicated team of designers.
    We are adding models frequently, check back often to see new products.
    Our models are designed to be printed on high-quality printers.
    Some of our models are also able to be made with CNC.

Value for Money!
     Design is a word that should not be used lightly. Good designers have years of experience and a passion for “the perfect compromise” between many sometimes conflicting product goals (e.g. Strong and Lightweight).
    It takes a long time to model high-quality 3D products. Care and attention to detail is required when designing good products that must provide a useful function.
    For a reasonable price we give you the best quality products possible.
    We hope you are very pleased with the price of our products and are excited by the quality of our models.

Problems Common to 3D Printing Are Not Ignored
    Print “Grain-Direction” is very important for parts that will see high forces (i.e. Multi-Rotor and RC vehicles). We design parts to use the grain structure to our advantage the same way composite materials designers plan their composite lay-ups. Form follows function.
    We understand that there are a lot of poor quality printers out there. We are very sorry if you have purchased a bad printer.
    This industry is changing very fast. We are positioning ourselves to offer products for the near future.
    Support material and rafts are difficult to remove in many cases. Lots of time is wasted prying, sanding and scraping off the support material. Often delicate models break when removing supports.
    Our simple Solution is to design models that need fewer supports.
     We have experimented with large models. Some large parts have actually Popped-Off the printing bed part-way through a print due to high internal forces!
    We are able to design large assemblies that are made from lots of smaller parts to avoid these problems.
    STLhive designs assemblies to go together with common fasteners.

Why STLhive?
    STLhive is the best place to download very high quality 3D models for your 3D printer.
    Our models are for Students, Hobbyists and Inventors.
    We offer a large range of models ready to print, and many models that are made for you to modify.
    Please take a few moments to browse our inventory that gets bigger every day.
    We are the first to offer our customers model designs at their request.

How STLhive works?
     Anyone can brows or products.
    Models are paid for by adding them to your shopping cart similar to most on-line stores.
    Transactions are completed with the security of Pay-Pal.
    Customers are able to download purchased models as many times as they want for a 3hour period after the initial purchase completion.

Why did we decide to start STLhive?
     We saw a need for good 3D model products for a reasonable price geared towards the inventive people who use 3D printers.
    We want to offer useful and exciting products for technically minded people like us.
    We understand the challenges associated with consumer 3D printing because we have used these machines.
    3D printing is an exciting manufacturing method but; it is after-all not without its own problems.
    Many of the problems associated with 3D printing are due to the model – not the printer -We figured we could sort that out!

Our Designers:
    Our designers are very technical people and our models are technical as a result.
    Engineering technical products is what we do best.
    Currently our designers are thinking about 3D printed products for Arduino, Robotics, and Quad copters, RC Cars, Photography and Video.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about us!


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