Author Topic: Happy3D is a site dedicated to 3d printing Spare Parts to repair appliances  (Read 103 times)

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Happy3D is a site dedicated to 3d printing Spare Parts to repair consumer appliances!

Happy3d: how to rethink consumer society

Remote control cover, vacuum cleaner, hinge, thermostat knob ... a single defective part is sometimes enough to make you prematurely replace an appliance or high-tech product.


Enjoy 3d printing with Happy3D

3d printing
The additive manufacture, by a 3D printer, makes it possible to produce a repair piece very quickly.

It is possible to print from several hundred materials, the most widely used being plastic-based.

The 3D file is the basis of 3D printing. All models on this site are made by the Happy3D community.

About happy3D

Through the « happy3D » platform created by Boulanger, our ambition is to animate the largest community dedicated to the uses of 3D printing for home appliances and multimedia. This is in keeping with our desire to help everyone create, maintain or extend the technology that surrounds it and thus enable them to benefit from its products. Since 2014, Boulanger has been marketing 3D printers in its stores and on We are the first sign to launch into the Open Source and to make accessible 3d plans of spare parts.


This Site was Opened on January 1st, 2007

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