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Cosmoscroll is a side-scrolling space-based shoot'em up arcade game.  Version 0.3a - from 2011 - is Working on MacOS 10.13 in the year 2020. Won't work with Mac OS X 10.14 "Mojave" or Above


Cosmoscroll is a space-based shoot'em up game. Inspired by games such as R-Type and Gradius, it features side-scrolling, retro-looking graphics and chiptune music.

This project is written in C++ using the SFML library. It also uses DUMB for playing modules files, and TinyXML for parsing XML files.

Cosmoscroll is free software and licensed under GPLv3. See 'AUTHORS' file for more information.

How to play?

Keyboard layout

    Move spaceship: Up, Down, Left, Right
    Fire: Space
    Launch missile: A
    Use ice cube power-up: Left Ctrl
    Pause the game: Escap
    Place HUD at the top of the screen: Page Up
    Place HUD at the bottom of the screen: Page Down
    Take a screenshot (saved in screenshots directory): F1

You can also play with a pad or a joystick. Keyboard and joystick layouts can be configured in the Options menu.


Power-ups are randomly dropped when an enemy is destroyed.

    Repair: Restores 1 health point.
    Full repair: Restores all health points.
    Shield: Restores 1 shield point.
    Full shield: Restores all shield points.
    Ice cube: Gives +1 ice cube. Use an ice cube to instantly cool down the weapon system and cancel over-heat. You can store up to 5 ice cubes.
    Missile: Gives +1 missile. One shot can destroy many enemies. You can store up to 5 missiles.
    Double laser: Doubles laser for 10 seconds.
    Triple laser: Triples laser for 10 seconds.
    Speed: Increases speed for 10 seconds


    Complete 8 challenging levels and beat the final boss. Collect points and unlock upgrades your spaceship in the armory!
    Infinity Mode: Hold as long as possible against more and more powerful enemy waves. Try to set a new high-score and share it online on the leaderboard!
    Various enemies, end bosses, weapons and powerups
    Available in English, French and German

Bug report and contributing

If you found a bug, please report it on the '>bug tracker.

If you wish to add a new language, please see the'>guide to Internationalization.
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