Author Topic: Pendulums is a free time tracking tool for Android devices  (Read 66 times)

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Pendulums is a free time tracking tool for Android devices
« on: February 04, 2020, 04:00:15 AM »
Pendulums is a free time tracking tool for Android devices ... get it through F-Droid

Version for desktop devices: Pendulums is a free time tracking tool which helps you to manage your time

Manage and track your time more efficiently using a modern time tracking tool

Easy to use and efficient time tracking tool.

You can use Pendulums to manage time and calculate the time spent as an individual or as group projects, and get charts per team member with the option of selecting time periods and calculating the overall time.

Using Pendulums allows you to calculate the time spent on various daily avtivities, such as exercise, study, etc., and in a business, you can count the amount of time spent by each person in the project.

    Simply sign up and sign in, create your projects, touch the start button, and at the end touch the stop button and now you have your timesheets.

    Unlimited projects
    Unlimited team members
    Use in online and offline modes
    Easy to use
    Stay synced in all platforms (Web / Android / Desktop)
    Completely free
    Open source

This app has features you may not like.



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