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HealthTap PhoneGap APP lets you find doctors and free answers ...

HealthTap is the best way to quickly find, trusted, reputable doctor answers to health questions anytime, anywhere for free!

✓ Get fast, free, trustworthy health answers on any symptom, condition, medication or health concern from over 14,000 of the best U.S. doctors

✓ Connect with doctors by starting private conversations in a safe, HIPAA-secure environment

✓ Share securely with doctors Privately share scans, images and other health related documents with doctors

✓ and more, for FREE!

Instant 24/7 access to doctors

Get free answers and instant help from more than 140,000 top doctors on your phone or tablet. You can also pay for a virtual consult by video, voice, or text chat with a primary care doctor 24/7. HealthTap: Simple access to instant healthcare from real doctors.


SEARCH CONTENT from over 2.6 million doctor-answered questions and 700,000 topics and articles across over 850 conditions.

ASK A QUESTION for free to our network of 140,000 doctors and receive a confidential answer, usually within 24 hours.

ASSESS SYMPTOMS using Dr. A.I., the world’s leading, artificial intelligence-powered symptom checker and receive personalized recommendations and guidance to care.

SEE A DOCTOR immediately in real time by video, voice, or chat. You can also get prescriptions or make an appointment to see a doctor on your schedule.

GET A TREATMENT PLAN from a doctor with interactive Care Guides that include reminders and notifications, follow-ups, and referrals.

BUILD YOUR HEALTH PROFILE to collect all your health data in one place. This includes medical treatments, prescriptions, labs, wearable devices, Apple Health app data and doctor visit notes - and it all works together to provide a more personalized experience.

What’s New

Feb 14, 2020:  Version 7.20.1
• We have made it easier for you to ask a health question to our doctors.

Improvements & Fixes:
We are constantly making performance and reliability improvements to make sure you get the information and the care you need, when you need it, for you and your family.

Did You Know?
Most people get HealthTap through an employer or other group. If you’d like HealthTap to contact your company, send us an email at


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