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BlinkMindDesktop is an open source mind-map and outliner app for Windows and Mac


BlinkMindDesktop is an open source mind-map and outliner app.

BlinkMindDesktop is an MIT licensed open source project, and the latest version will always be downloadable for free from the GitHub release page. BlinkMindDesktop is still in development.

BlinkMindDesktop uses the open source mind-map library BlinkMind for mind-map rendering.

🚀 Features
Feature                   Status    Description
Multi sheet                    ✔️    Document can insert multi sheets.
Basic mind map features    ✔️    Add/remove topic, edit topic content.
Undo redo                     ✔️    History of map changes
Set topic style              ✔️    Set topic style include border, text color, font, background and links.
Customize theme           ✔️    Theme editor, import theme, export theme.
Shortcuts                     ✔️    Shortcuts to make more efficient.
Drag and drop               ✔️    Support drag one topic and then drop to another topic to reorganize the mind map.
Open and save file         ✔️    Save and open .bmind file, double click file to open.
Export topic to image    ✔️    Export topic to png/jpg/svg.
Insert image to topic      ✔️    Every topic can insert unlimited images.
Paste rich text to topic    ✔️    You can paste rich text from browser/microsoft word/apple pages or anything else to BlinkMind without losing format.
Rich text editor for topic notes    ✔️    Rich text editor for topic notes.
Focus mode                 ✔️    Select any topic node as the editor root and only show that branch.
Outliner mode               ✔️    Seamlessly switch between mind map and outliner, some outliner's shortcuts are different from mindmap mode.
Search                         ✔️    Search topic content and navigate to it.
Tags                            ✔️    Topics can add tags and you can navigate from tags.


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