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MineTime is part of a research project to build a modern, multi-platform, AI-powered calendar application.


MineTime is a modern, intuitive and smart calendar application. Connect all your calendar services and start optimizing your time. For more information about MineTime visit

MineTime is free to use but not open-source (yet). This repository is meant to provide a transparent discussion hub for issues, feedback and ideas.

Linux dependencies
MineTime store your account passwords in the local keychain. On Linux, this service is provided by libsecret so you may need to install it before running MineTime.

Depending on your distribution, you will need to run the following command:

    Debian/Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install libsecret-1-dev
    Red Hat-based: sudo yum install libsecret-devel
    Arch Linux: sudo pacman -S libsecret

Some Linux distributions also require gnome-keyring (see and libgconf-2-4 (see

If you find a distribution that needs additional dependencies, please contact us.


While we can not provide individual support at the moment, you can see this repository as a public hub to collect feedbacks, bug reports and feature requests.

Please refer to the issue page and feel free to open a ticket.


Keep all your calendars in one place
MineTime connects natively with Google,, Microsoft Exchange, iCloud and any CalDAV calendar: this means you can add your calendar accounts directly into MineTime.

Time Insights
Understanding how time is spent is important to improve future scheduling decisions.
MineTime instantly shows you how often you met your colleagues in the past months, how many times an event has been already rescheduled and much more...

Smart scheduling
Finding a time that works for everybody is a pain! MineTime automatically checks all participants calendars and suggests you the options that are likely to work best.
Your privacy is important to us and MineTime will never show other people your calendar!

Schedule events using natural language
MineTime's assistant understands what you say. You can easily schedule new events or perform actions on the calendar by using the most intuitive interface: English.

Cross-platform experience
MineTime is a calendar built on Electron, allowing it to run natively on Windows, Mac and - yes! - Linux. Enjoy the same smooth experience across all three!


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